Monday, December 31, 2007


HAPPY NEW YEAR('s eve) in preparation of 2008 i intend to get as utterly pissed as is humanly possible... may ask why, but then again you may have missed the point of this celebration of booze and insanity as we finely say good bye to an old year and scream YAY we survived another 365 days of life without feeling the need to press the big red button of doom...although it does seem America at large does seem determined to give the key to world destruction to jellybean eating strangely shaved ape.

None the less 2008 is almost here which means we have but scant few hours before we must make our resolutions and spend the grand total of five minuets attempting to break it and still justify its validity. So it better be something good.

so with joy in my shriveled bitter heart i say to you all, Happy new year and whatever you choose to do with it be safe!

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Movie Night: Good Luck Chuck

Excuse me while a cry a little, It's the last Movie Night of 2007, so i decided to do something I've never done before...

...A ROMANTIC COMEDY! *cue evil laugh and thunder*

Ok ok calm down Good luck Chuck may be a chick flick but trust me when i say it isn't that bad.
The movie begins in 1985 in a flashback scene where Chuck refused to kiss a goth girl when he was ten years old, she placed a curse on him: every single woman he sleeps with will break up with him and marry the next man she meets. As it turns out this happens EVERY single time the poor bloke sleeps with someone and eventually the rumour that he is a good luck charm and the perfect way to find yourself a husband. This is all well and good until he meets his perfect woman but Chuck beingChuck suddenly realises that he can never sleep with her because if he does its all over...

Yep i now its a crappy premise for a movie but give it a chance, watching the poor bloke all but punch himself in the groin trying NOT to sleep with his perfect woman is just too funny for words, just give it a chance.

Friday, December 28, 2007


In case you didn't notice my auto updater screwed up again and put the "new years eve" blogg update up.
Long term readers of this blogg will know this is not the first time this has happened and i apologise for my implied idiocy or inability to tell the date.

you may (or may not) see that post again come new years eve or i may surprise you, but i think it will be a manual update instead.

again technology's screws me in the ass....damn.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Test for my new advertising banner

Make your own custom banners at!

Sorry about this folks just a little test for my new advertising banner, hopefully this could bring in some new readers and make the place a little easier to find.

Not bad considering it took me about 5 mins but i think its a good way to start the new year!

er... i'll find a way to remove ther blatant self advertising off my add as soon as i can do it without breaking it lol

and er dont click it it only links to the damn creator and since my html codeing sucks

Tuesday, December 25, 2007


I have nothing to say but eat well enjoy your gifts and tolerate your family, Merry Christmas everybody!

I wont be bloging tomorrow (as i will have to visit the rest of my relatives and clean up after the mess of chrimbo) but I'll be back on Thursday, till then Peace!

Monday, December 24, 2007

Daily Blogg: Gift to my readers part 2

Aww did you think i had forgot about you all?
no sorry no such luck peeps but this is the last prezzie this year, but because i care what my readers want I'm posting another comic milestone.

The age of wonder is another Elseworlds novel setting our favorite hero's against an unusual backdrop that is distantly different yet strangely close to the one we know. After all what difference can one man make? well of hes from Krypton and arrives on earth a few (dozen) years too early how would this have effected those around him?

As always get it while you can because if i am asked by the powers that be to remove it then I'm afraid it has to go.

Happy holidays readers!

Part 1 of 2
Part 2 of 2

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Movie Night: Shrek the Third

Movie night folks and once again I'm attempting to appeal to the wider market with a family special so today im throwing Shrek 3 into the mix.

If you don't know shrek then apparently you have been living under a rock so i wont go into details but King Harold has fallen deathly ill and his ogre son-in-law Shrek and daughter Fiona are next in line to be king and queen. Shrek declines, insisting that an ogre as king is a bad idea and that there has to be someone else for the job. With his final few breaths, the king tells Shrek that there is one other heir who can become the new King of Far Far Away: his nephew, Arthur. Shrek sets out to find this new king, along with Donkey and Puss in Boots. As they're sailing off, Fiona runs to the dock and announces to Shrek that she's pregnant. Shocked, Shrek begins to have nightmares about his future children on the journey to Worcestershire Academy, where they eventually discover that "Artie," who is an academy student, is a loser picked on by the other students - even the nerds. Artie is initially thrilled to be the new king, and excited to be on his way to the throne, until Donkey and Puss inadvertently scare him by talking about things like plague and famine. Panicked, Artie tries to take control of the ship and ends up crashing it on an island where they meet Artie's retired wizard teacher, Merlin.

Ok so thers the basics of the plot and only the beginning of the insanity, so sit down grab the popcprn and enjoy but don't forget that the links to parts 2-5 are on a hot button just below.

Peace and happy holidays!

Links to part 2-5

*hotlinks to Wikipedia for the hard of thinking have been added

Friday, December 21, 2007

Machima: Myndflame presents - Serious Buisness

Awesomeness has a name and its name is Myndflame with theis simply hilarious parody (special bonus if you can guess what movie its parodying) and its not only a great bit of new machima but a great way of saying 4 days to go!

Enjoy and don't forget to tune in tomorrow for movie night!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Daily Blogg: Gift to my readers!

As an old school comic book geek and a lover of free stuff I simply cannot think of a better way to say 5 DAYS TO CHRISTMAS! to all my readers than to give them free things.

So here we have it a free thing (that hopefully wont get me sued) from DC comics there much acclaimed elseworlds novel Superman Red Son, the book is basically about what would have happened to the DC universe if baby Kal-El had landed in soviet Russia instead of corn fed central America and how a simple twist of fate can change not only perspective but the whole face of the universe.

To read this frankly amazing Graphic novel (and believe me this is no comic book) you will need a CDR reader, thankfully I'm also offering a free download for that too so be shure to download that first.

Remember folks all links can (and will) be taken down upon request so please grab this as soon as you can and if you can please do yourself the personal favour of buying this amazing book form somewhere like or even ebay, as the only reason I'm even considering sullying such a masterwork is because of its rareity.
CDisplay Comic Reader
Elseworlds - Superman--Red Son.cbr

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

How To: The gift of more money in your pocket!

Crank Charge Your Batteries! - A funny movie is a click away

First off with the holidays almost upon us and as we know at this time of year battery's are a pain in the ass so how about we reuse and recycle a little, this way we may just have enough cash for the parts you need for these little toys!


DIY $5 Mini USB Fridge! - The funniest bloopers are right here


Headphone Hack! Make You Own Noise Eliminating Headset! - The best bloopers are here

And there you have it ladys and gents, my holiday gift to you this holiday season, for the price of a packet of Battery's i offer you two of the best things i have ever happened to have come across and build, for a person on the go you cant get any better but as small personalised gifts there realy is nothing quite like the personal touch.

Make em for a few bucks and add a little customisation and personality for your loved ones.

Happy holidays!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Daily Blogg: one week and counting

OK no mess no fuss today just a simple blogg to keep the Holiday spirit alive. Don't forget he sees you when your sleeping he knows when your awake he knows when you have been bad or good so for you sanity's sake make shure Cthulhu clause doesn't visit you this holiday season.

Don't forget tomorrow we have a holiday gift special How Too!

see you tomorrow!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Daily Blogg: Where did the weekend go?

OH NO! Monday has once again stalked me into a corner and is punishing me with all of its evil er mondayness...

...wait that isn't a word...

...dammit i cant even think properly on this the most loathsome of days, none the less another week has decided to rear its ugly head and has the eternal cheek to to bring with it the terrifying fact that Christmas is only eight days away!

so as this week is the last before the festival of turkey eating and family argument so i shall endeavor to give you a little gift of some type every single day.
With that in mind i have went out of my way to do a very special how too this week that if your even slightly technically minded you will have a very cool present for yourself or maby even as a gift for a loved one.

There will also be a reprisal of Cheat spot this week once again focusing on the much neglected XBOX community. Ok that's it for today with the exception of one minor thing...

... Happy Holiday's

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Daily Blogg: I Have a Dumb...

Aries Brain has failed to function as normally expected today and so is posting an online apology to anyone who happens to want to listen...


Normal service and insanity will resume sometime tomorrow when i realise i have less than one week left to grab all the rest of the seasonally related junk and presents for people who through the rest of the year i do everything in my power to avoid seeing let alone speaking too.

Consumerism and overdrawn bank accounts and credit cards FTW...

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Movie Night: Hitman (2007)

This weeks movie has been a whole barrel of shits and giggles to get up. Despite advertisments to the contrary and the unfortunite mistate in the uploading process of Transformers i had to make a last second change and upload the new Hitman Movie in its place.

Movie Breakdown:
The movie opens with a montage showing a number of young men in ruthless training at an unknown facility, among them Agent 47 in his youth, who is tattooed with the trademark barcode on the back of his head. They are taught to use weapons, hold their breath underwater, and engage in hand-to-hand combat. In the present day, Interpol agent Mike Whittier returns home to discover Agent 47 in his study, where the two talk briefly. The scene flashes back 3 months, and as 47 is completing a hit, he describes the mysterious organization whose sole purpose is to train elite professional killers, selected from unwanted orphans and individuals with no personal ties. How Mike is involved is revealed: he is shown arguing with a African official who believes that the recent hit wasn't really a hit. Mike then sarcastically says that the victim, in sound mind, decided to swallow C4, and blow himself up. He then proceeds to place pins on a world map showing all the hits by Agent 47 "that they know about." In his hotel room, 47 receives a communication from his Organization contact, Diana, and is told he is to kill his next target, Russian President Mikhail Belicoff, publicly, in departure from his original plan. Despite the change in protocol, he agrees...

...and that's where I'm gonna leave it, enjoy the movie and dont forget to leave your opinions on the film and a suggestion for next weeks movie and i'll see what i can do. To watch Hitman click the funky little button.

Click for links to Hitman(2007)

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Cheat spot: The Orange Box XBOX 360

As promised Cheat codes THAT WORK on the xbox360 versions of Half Life 2 and Portal, but i beg you PLEASE play through the game at least once before you use them the games are just too good to spoil by cheating. But remember cheat codes can (and IMHO should only) be used to enhance game play after it has become stagnant or after you have unlocked everything possible beforehand.

Oh well enjoy them anyway

Restore 25 Health (HL 2)
Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A
God Mode (HL 2)
Left Shoulder, Up, Right Shoulder, Up, Left Shoulder, Left Shoulder, Up, Right Shoulder, Right Shoulder, Up
Restore Ammo (HL 2)
Y, B, A, X, RB, Y, X, A, B, RB
Portal Codes
Down, B, A, B, Y, Down, B, A, B, Y - Create box
Up, Y, Y, X, X, A, A, B, B, Up - Fire energy ball
Up, Y, Y, B, B, A, A, X, X, Up - Fire rocket projectile
Y, A, B, A, B, Y, Y, A, Left, Right - Portal placement anywhere:
Up, Left, Down, Right, Up, Left, Down, Right, Y, Y - Portalgun ID 0
Up, Left, Down, Right, Up, Left, Down, Right, X, X - Portalgun ID 1
Up, Left, Down, Right, Up, Left, Down, Right, A, A - Portalgun ID 2
Up, Left, Down, Right, Up, Left, Down, Right, B, B - Portalgun ID 3
X, B, LB, RB, Left, Right, LB, RB, LT, RT - Upgrade Portalgun

Daily Blogg: I can haz teh goldz plx?!?

Ok its about time this writing thing started paying, I realise my dear beloved readers that your all as cheap as I am and loath the idea but to stop the wolves at the door I'm adding a donation button to the blogg, you don't have to donate, you don't even have to look at it if you don't want too but i dedicate a surprising amount of time putting this little site of mine together and it is my humble hope that if you have it to spare you can throw a few $ my way.

Ok that's quite enough of that ( i feel dirty urgh) don't forget that this week i will be uploading the long awaited cheats to Half Life 2 and Portal on the XBOX 360, this weekend once again movie night will spread it silvery wings over this humble Blogg as we rip off Hollywood and display there dirty laundry to the world in all its filthy stained Glory.

Oh and don't forget if i get enough donations will be spending (at least 20% ) on a prize to be given away come the new year.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

How To: Single-use CAMERA'S Hack!

Single-use VIDEO CAMERA Hack! Use It Over And Over... - Funny bloopers are a click away

On the 1st day of Christmas Aries gives to thee...

Ok this is FAR from easy but considering your saving about $150-$300 for just a little bit of effort (and the fact these things are available in the UK now too in Boots for about £10-£15) you can have you very own reasonable quality digital video camera with which to capture all your holiday memory's.
Special thanks go to KipKay at Metacafe for uploading this wonderful hack and for offering me an alternative to taking my real camera with me to family reunions and risking drunken relatives doing something stupid with it.

All the "extra" parts that are displayed in the video can easily be ebayed or in most cases found in the same store's that "sell" the cameras...

...just don't tell them i sent you...and keep the homemade porno to yourself please people...

...unless your hot...*cough*


you may want to take a few still images too, and sadly the video camera just isnt up to this task sooo i looked once more to Kipkay and he came up with this!

Digital Camera Hack! Secret The Stores Don't Want You To Know! - More amazing videos are a click away

yep its the same connector! oh how i spoil go enjoy your holidays!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Daily Blogg: Stress

I love my job, honestly there are whole days when i can just sit on my ass surfing the web and playing wow for "research" and "characterisation" but every now and then i get hired for something so utterly stupid or totally pointless that i just want to scream.

Today is one of those days, i wont go into details but i swear if i have to look at one more pointless or uninformed "can we try the character this way?" or "well in my humble opinion" feedback report from that unqualified, uninspired hack I SWEAR I'm going to kick him the balls and forget how to stop!
so i decided to relax everyone in the the local (Belfast) office of ICB publishing (who hired me for this rewrite) and sent this nice flash of some cute kittens: Flash Movie - Cute Kittens

I'm feeling a lot less stressed now and can finally focus on this pointless trash.

BTW guys every single "letter from the Editor" and "Agony Aunt" letter ever published has to be edited and approved by the magazine/paper/comics editorial staff and they hire poor bastards like me to rewrite your incoherent ramblings into something readable and on slow days when nothing has been sent in make something up from scratch...

...yes I'm serious...

porn mags do it too in there letters pages, and YES I've written my fair share of those too...
...meh it pays the bills.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Movie Night: Fred Claus

Part 1 of 4

Online Videos by

OK this is a special and i only just 5 mins ago got permission to post it, a special thanks go's to ChicoE for uploading this not once but TWICE to make shure if it got taken down we had a backup.
Sorry about that lateness but our various upload sites took a baseball bat to your ever suffering testicles, none the less we came through and as i said its something special.

I'm not going into the plot as it will spoil it but as always links for part 2-4 ate on
enjoy and goodnight.


Friday, December 7, 2007

Daily Blogg: Lazy lazy day...

Today I'm just kicking back and being a lazy lazy bastich...

...what can i say I've had a hard week...

...OK fine ill blogg something, as of today my chrimbo shopping is finally triumphantly OVER!

Yes I'm happy about that and since I'm the one blogging this while sitting on my newly acquired "writing chair" I'm feeling somewhat comfortable too, this means the the lazy boy is getting a rest from my firmly toned ass...

...i miss my mini fridge though but meh we all make sacrifices for job efficiency *cough*
Today's blogg was supposed to be on a recent rumour form Blizzard but unfortunately I have yet to confirm any details and am at this time unable to post it, but tune in on Sunday and I should be able to spill Blizz's beans.

OK that's pretty much it folks but don't forget to look in tomorrow for movie night as tomorrow I'm pulling out all the stops for something special.

see ya tomorrow!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

How To: Fix a Broken Laptop Battery

Laptop Battery Hack! Don't Buy A New One! - More amazing videos are a click away

Very special How too this week especially dedicated to my friend Bryan...
Last night the lucky bastich got a free laptop but unfortunately the battery was dead, so i delved into my archive and found this for him...

WARNING: this is FAR from easy and just a bit dangerous but so worth it in the long run, just be carefull wear gloves and goggles and you should be fine.

Bryan i wish you the very best of luck with your acquisition and hope you can get back to Dominion WoW where you belong.
Regular How too's will continue this time next week!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Daily Blogg: Aries Reborn

Yesterday around 6pm GMT i received a rather odd private message from one of the Dominion WoW Admin staff (Auch) saying he wanted to speak to me...

...much pooping myself later and after being wound up by my friends regarding abuse and exploitation of in game weapons and equipment (warlock DPS bugg my bum) leading me to believe i was getting my ass kicked, about 3 hours later I finally got to talk to Auch (Mike) on MSN...

After a little beating about the bush and Auch having a little fun with me too i was invited to once more take up the mantle of on Dominion WoW.

So hail to the king baby! I'm back. Now I'm off to get my hands dirty...


Monday, December 3, 2007

Daily Blogg: Is it STILL monday?

Well its once again the most loathsome day the longest possible point between one weekend and another...

...but as always it means a whole new week of fun and games here on AriesAntics, for those of you that haven't noticed the iPod looking greenery on the side of the blogg then your apparently not paying enough attention, now go play the vox blogg and listen to my inane mutterings about whats happening this week.

I Will attempt to update this on the days i don't blogg in text (so Tuesdays & Sundays then) or when it would be faster just to blurt into my mic rather than attempting to articulate my thoughts into a coherent rant.

ok you know the drill by now, and if not its on the voice blogg so ill catch you all later.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Music for all: Tay Zonday - cherry chocolate rain

Em yes...slow weekend for me so for you lucky lot you get a double update!

Tonight's offering is Tay Zondays: Cherry chocolate Rain Featuring the frankly funklicious Mista Johnson. Now for those of you who are new to this Internet thing or have simply never bothered with YouTube and its many "characters" you may not have heard of Tay before and if that is the case stop reading this and listen to the damn video...

...ok your back then excellent...

I have to admit that although this is Viral marketing for Dr Pepper at a whole new level i have to say i LOVE the song, shure its an extended advertisement at the expense of YouTube but damn you have gotta give the guy credit, shure the lyrics suck like a hooker with a work ethic but the combination of a catchy tune and and unusual vocal talent hes definitely on to a winner with this.

If like me you enjoyed this little trip into insanity download it here:

Movie Night: Æon Flux

Part 1

Part 2

*cough* yes its time to settle back and chill the funk out as once again the weekend. This weeks offering is the distinctly over hyped but still frankly awesome movie Aeon Flux or as the wonderful Hollywood fucknuts would rather have us call it "Æon Flux" pronounced "ˌiːɒn ˈflʌks" but since I'm not an over payed self obsessed testicle with an ego the size of Texas and a secretary with a passing grade in Latin who specialises in the fellatio of chubby executives who wish to sound important i think I'll stick to calling it Aeon flux.

OK plot time, Æon Flux is set in a bizarre dystopian future full of mutant creatures, clones and robots. The title character is a tall, bondage gear-clad secret agent from Monica, skilled in Assassination" and acrobatics. Her mission is to infiltrate the strongholds of the neighboring country of Bregna, which is led by her sometimes-nemesis and sometimes-lover Trevor Goodchild. Monica apparently represents a dynamic anarchist society, while Bregna embodies a centralized, scientifically planned state. The names of their respective characters reflect this: Flux as the self-directed agent from Monica and Goodchild as the technocratic leader of Bregna.

all well and good but lets be honest here the entire movie despite the guns and violence is to see Chalize Theron doing the splits in a skin tight rubber suit and getting a bit sweaty, and in that regard it does its job perfectly and despite the fact that it has plot ls big enough to loose a Hollywood producers ego in its still a worthwhile movie to sit down with a bucket of popcorn and a box of Kleenex to "enjoy".

Friday, November 30, 2007

New Feature: Aries Uttering's

Yep that's right a whole new feature for this little blogg, its time to move onto the next level and add a little audio to the fun and games.

Aries uttering's will be a (hopefully) weekly feature that will with a little luck up my hits and improve my rants merely by you being able to actually listen to the venom and bile in my voice.

I make no apology for the amateurish nature of the voice blogg as I'm just beginning to work out how the hell to use it, but hopefully it will become as popular as movie night (now moved to Saturday permanently folks) and add a little diversity to my little corner of the Internet.

Alos added today (for thoses of you with ADD) i added a flash version of Super Mario Bro's to the bottom of the blogg so that you can stick a round and enjoy the music and try and beat my high score.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

How To: Download YouTube Videos

Download Youtube Videos Without Software - Funny blooper videos are here

You would be genuinely surprised how often i come across a YouTube vid that i fancy keeping, maby its a music vid or maby its one of the more artistic AMV's or a long lost cartoons from the 80's that y'know you just have to have or even better super rare anime that i want on archive, but since YouTube went "all professional" and big music company's decided that viral marketing was the way to go its been harder and harder to download all the cool stuff that the masses put up for our amusement, so with that in mind i suggest you follow the guide and grab as much as you can before they decide to make it even harder for us to download.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Daily Blogg: Yet another Monday

Damn you Monday you just keep coming back, bur i suppose with each week you return you bring me yet more opportunity's to frustrate the universe in my own very special way.

This week however it seems i actually have something interesting to report!
As an old school comic geek in every possible way and a dedicated warcrack addict the idea of a published "official" WoW comic book kind of appeals in a number of different ways.

It seems Wildstorm (an offshoot of DC comics) has got together with Blizzard and utilising there lore has decided to expand the WoW lore in a more "publicly available" way in the form of a series of graphic novels in preparation for the launch of Blizz's latest expansion Wrath of the lich king, in hopes of adding a graphical style that ties the game and comic together may of the artists have been in game on as yet undisclosed (US) retail servers in order to get a feel for the "dynamic" of the game and get a look at the various stages of armour & equipment so that the gear represented in the comic fits the level and class of the characters portrayed,Rumour even has it that they have accessed the loot tables on Thottbot and have geared the characters in appropriate drops for there in comic location and that the various connections that the writers and artists have made in game in the form of PUG's and guild members may influence some of the third tier protagonist's and contacts (in the form of background characters in towns and random encounters) may well make it into the finished comic.

suffused to say I'm relay rather interested in this and will be looking forward to this in the future.


Saturday, November 24, 2007

Movie Night: Bruce Almighty

Part 1

Part 2

Ah isn't life fun, i mean every week i throw another movie at you and every week no body bothers to leave a comment, for most people this would put them off but not me....much....

So here we are again with a Late movie night because last night i felt like a wanted a rant but since nobodies gonna read this and about 30% of my reader base only comes here for the movies i post i suppose i should STFU and just get on with it...yes i am feeling emo...bite my crank...

Sorry but i guess I'm feeling a little under appreciated.. i mean only 170 hits this week...I'm actually disappointed! so i though i should pull a Jim Carrey movie out in the lame and simple hopes that it inspires a little giggle and maby a comment or three....

i know normally i do plot and other stuff down here but TBH if you haven't seen this film (or at least herd of it) you must have been living under a rock but if you have i suppose i should do something...Jim Carrry pisses of god and god decides in his infinite glory to give this gormless moron enough rope to hang himself by handing over his infinite power and taking a holiday...

...probably best of all though is the fact that god is black...yep the bible belt screamed at that too...personally i pissed myself at there discomfort and hope that you too feel the need to do something similar...oh well enjoy the film!

Friday, November 23, 2007

Daily Blogg: Blizzard Bitchslap 2.3

Well congratufuckinglations Blizzard, you finally done it, you created a patch so damn buggy and full of glitches & core errors that many long term members of the the Accent Warcraft emulation community are almost ready to call it quits...

With the latest patch designed to bring us a whole new expanded instance and a whole host of new features (in an AQ style mega patch) offering a super seeded up option for leveling from 1-60 solo and new quest packs and toys to play with...
...sadly this means the Accent team have a whole new level of problems with which to contend.
As i am no longer a GM and have nothing but the best interests of my fellow gamers at heart i have got to say OMGWTF Accent get a f**king grip on your code! i know that a patch like this is a bitch slap and that in the states its thanks giving but FFS guys get on the damn ball! Im not asking for a miracle here but come on! skills that at least pretend to work would be nice.

ok enough realise that the very fact that the accent emulator works is nothing short of amazing but don't you think that maby telling us to feel free to update to the new patch with promises that"all features will function with 99% compatibility and functionality" is a tad misleading?

Those of us that "prefer" to play on emulation servers for various reasons, and those brave few who happen to Host and run Accent servers for our little community who have "continued to remain within the constraints of Accents teams coding" expected that by doing so that we would have "more reliable gaming" as a result, apparently however we have once again given up a comparatively reliable system for a glitched and in some cases nonfunctional update in the hope that given enough time Accent will fix the buggs and let us play the damn game. least until the next patch... *sigh*

oh well you get what you pay for i suppose....but it dosent mean we have to like it

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

How To: Unlock a Password locked PC

Unlock Just About Any Windows Computer - Funny home videos are a click away

ok this is a stupidly short vid for those of you that like me have a memory that makes a goldfish look retentive and forget passwords at the drop of a hat...any hat...especially cowboy hats because there just awesome... back to the subject, As i may or may not have stated before im frugal* and love a good bargain so when the opportunity come up to buy a password locked laptop from Ebay for the stupidly low cost for $10 + P&P ($50) i jumped up and down in joy because i knew how to do exactly what this video shows and the "nice person" selling it didn't, i have now sold said lappy for $450 (after copying all the music, interesting programmes and porn i could find) and am feeling a bit chuffed with myself and now am considerably better off coming into Christmas.

But as i said this is primarily for personal use and should never be used to access some poor buggers computer without there don't do it or karma will bite you in the ass...then the police will beat you with there sticks of people hurting and wrath, you have been warned.

OK folks see ya later I'm gonna look through that DVD i ripped and enjoy some of the more interesting jpg's...

*by frugal i mean I'm cheap as hell and am proud that i wont even spend a penny if i don't get a receipt

Monday, November 19, 2007

Daily Blogg: Whats in a Name?

MMORPG's offer such a diversity of choice and flexibility on almost every level that at times it can be a little overwhelming and despite the fact that in game you can change almost every aspect of your attire and equipment to personalise your toon the skin and hair and unfortunately the name you choose in a moment of creative madness will hang over your possibly otherwise perfect toon's shiny little head forevermore...

...the amount of times i have spyed in the distance a flawlessly decked out and epic equipped warrior in the distance while looking for a tank for a quick PUG just to catch a glimpse of there name and insanity change my mind, i mean how the hell can you expect Mr "Pinkflufybun" the warrior to take the game as seriously as you?

I understand that 80% of people have no intention of long term play with a toon when they create it and in many cases the name they choose is made through lack of choice because somebody else has beat you to your wanted mocker or simply because you fancied a giggle and thought that "Smexorsize" relay was the name that defined your Night Elf Priestess as a whole.

Now on a normal server or even a PVP server this (despite the giggling) can be put to one side and somewhat ignored but damn guys when your on a role playing server can you please think about what your naming your toon in advance!

Thank god then that Blizzard have finally taken this into account and are now offering a new service for a one off payment to change your toons name in game and thanks to the new "barber shop" feature being developed for WotLK you will finally be able to get rid of that godawful haircut you randomly slapped on to be "different" when you created your avatar.

Now can we please say goodbye to Mr "xXMasivcokXx" and Mr "Butsmeckz" and get some sanity back into grouping & RP?... after all we know your proud but perhaps if you want to be taken seriously over the new voice system a change may be a good idea, don't you think?

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Daily Blogg: Blizzard Paranoia!

Im not normally one to indulge in paranoia but it seems our friends at Blizzard have a distinct preoccupation with this state of mind and with the latest security measures inflicted on us in there latest patch (2.3) it seems that they wont be happy unless they know every damn thing about us!

The Warden's function as an anti-hacking sentry was already cause for concern for some privacy advocates. From the moment players log into the game, The Warden checks open window names, process names, memory modifications, DDL names and other pieces of data in the background. The goal is to determine if the user has a specific hack or program loaded and sends back a "yes" or "no" answer to Blizzard.

At any given time, there is one version of The Warden active in a set of WoW servers. But Blizzard fights would-be countermeasures against The Warden by switching between hundreds of different copies of The Warden with the same functionality, but containing slight modifications in the code.

This technique of polymorphic code is more commonly applied in computer viruses and worms as a way to avoid detection from anti-virus and intrusion detection software. According to The WardenNet, a website dedicated to tracking the iterations of the application, there are about 320 copies of The Warden in circulation.

There are some legitimate arguments for the intrusion of privacy. Massive Multiplayer economies such as WoW can be ravaged by gold-farming bots or hacks. It's Blizzard's responsibility to not only protect the game experience, but their intellectual property

and marketability of the game. And nothing, after all, is forcing anyone to play if they disagree with the policy.

Blizzard maintains that The Warden does not gather any personally identifiable information about the player. They claim only information about the account is sent back. Third-party applications such as The Governor and ISXWarden could previously monitor The Warden and curtail activities the authors deem invasive.

In my humble opinion Blizzard are taking the piss, there essentially installing spyware on our system with the standing motivation that "if your not guilty of anything you have nothing to worry about", frankly the very idea of this scares the hell out of me, i mean we already have Microsoft two thirds the way up our collective asshole picking through our trash and now it seems that Blizz have decided to follow the good Mr Gates lead and start spying on there users too...

...i mean the armoury was one thing, this is quite another...

World of <span class= break out the tinfoil hats and batten down the firewalls, BLIZZ ARE STEALING OUR THOUGHTS!!!!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Movie Night: Tenacious D The Pick of Destiny

yep its that time of the week and once again i bring to you lot a top movie to break into the weekend this week i bring you via the wonderful world of the interweb Tenacious D in: The Pick of Destiny!

OK quick plot summery, Tenacious D try their luck at an open mic night and receive a lukewarm (at best) reception. It seems that one week later, a competition with a cash prize will be held, which the D desperately need to win to pay the rent. Seeking praise from the open mic host, they are told the contest's competition will be fierce, and they'd best come up with new material. When they attempt to do so, they run into writer's block, frustrating Jack greatly. He throws himself down amidst copies of Rolling Stone, noting that all the bands on the covers are great, and tries to figure out a common element. Kyle, looking at the covers, idly observes that they all apparently used the same guitar pick: a green, horned demonic skull. This pick apparently empowers the user with supernatural playing skill and the pair then decide to seek out there destiny and acquire the pick through any means possible.

If you haven't seen this movie yet i suggest you quit my rambling and get playing it ASAP, if on the other hand you wanna continue reading this i should warn you that it comes in a frankly shocking ten parts...yes i realise that ten parts is a cruel and unusual punishment but it was the only way we could get it uploaded to you tube without them banning our asses... stop reading and enjoy the movie!

Link: Movies

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

How To: Scan your LAN

How To Detect Wardrivers Windows Xp - Funny home videos are a click away

Ah the joy of Wi-Fi, there realy is nothing quite like sitting your ass down on a comfy chair or in your bed/garden/toilet with a laptop and know that you can browse the wonderful world of the interweb and its various insanities without having to drag a wire around after you. But sadly this freedom comes at a surprising bandwidth cost even on what we believe is the most secure connection.

Wi-Fi sniffers and code breakers are becoming more and more popular among the "cheaper" asshats in the general population and those few idiots that believe that because they CAN do something then they MUST do it. This little programme is pretty much a must have if you have a Wi-Fi network and can help you keep ahead of the game by keeping a very close eye on exactly who's on your network.

so head to: and hit the download section ASAP

Monday, November 12, 2007

Daily Blogg: MONDAY!

So its that time of week again, and er yes another lost weekend to the weirdness that is the world of warcraft (yea im addicted, bite my crank) but its monday again and its time to get back to work...

...but i gotta say im having a little difficulty coming to terms with the idea that the daily grind in real life can't be as much fun as it is in game, i mean warcraft has a grind right up the arse shurly with a little bit of imagination work can feel the same way.....right?

well how about you take my mission for the day and consider it a daily grind untill you can get back to Azeroth!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Friday, November 9, 2007

Movie Night: Superbad

staying with my theme of bringing you only the best and brightest new movies on a Friday i present for your viewing pleasure the kickass movie Superbad. I'm not gonna spoil the film for you but i can and will say this grab a bucket of popcorn pop it up to full screen and warn the neighbours & housemates that your probably going to get very loud.

Enjoy the movie and don't forget that parts 2-4 are available via the link button at the bottom of this post and click the links.


Thursday, November 8, 2007

Rant : The Whiny 10%

one in every ten people is a f**king whiny bitch, this is a simple unequivocal fact.

What this rant is about is not that fact that these whiny asshats exist, no this is about the fact that no matter where or when these people decide to cry that those in control are forced to listen or be inundated with all manner of complaints and mindless aggression because these stupid, whiny self indulged, greedy loud, frustrating children refuse to do anything for themselves because they have learned that if there loud and annoying enough people stop what there doing and pay attention to them.

Frankly I'm sick sore and tired of it, the whole concept of whining about something i can fix myself is frankly alien to me, even with this rant I'm attempting to fix this injustice by trying to make a few of the whiny bastards take a good long look at there behaviour and maby think "maby instead of complaining i can do something about it" although what is more likely is that this will only make them cry harder that im being "unfair"...

...goddamn asshats...

Rant over...

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

How To: Hide your Porn folder on a shared PC

Create An Ultra Hidden Folder On Windows XP - Funny bloopers R us

There really is nothing worse than when your wife/partner/mother/sister finds your porno...
the unfortunate silence's and various looks of disgust (not to mention having to change your mouse and keyboard) can not only be socially difficult but can cause so many personal problems and idiotic jokes at your experience that it makes your home life a total embarrassment. so for all you 4chan image stealing needs i present to you an almost idiot proof and practically uncountable hidden file in which you can hide all your filth... shoud be ashamed.... can also be used to hide credit card numbers and other things too but lets be honest here we all know whats going in there...

Happy fapping guys and girls!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Daily Blog: Rising Force Set Free

As I'm as cheap as hell and am loath to pay for anything i can get on the cheap or even better if its free I'm always on the look out for announcements like this.
Last week the much underrated MMORPG Rising Force: Online and its various expansions was switched from "pay to play" to "free to play" meaning that this CodeMasters epic can now be downloaded and played without the unfortunate need to splash out for a monthly fee.

How this works is similar to most of the emulator community's servers basically allowing you to play the basic game for free while offering special items to those of us wiling to cough up a little hard earned currency to empower there avatar with some truly over powered and shiny items.
Not only does this allow for a reasonable cost efficient influx of cash to keep the servers running and pay for bandwidth but means with such a high turnover of new players that the odds of a high income for very little work are more than reasonable.

So now that your interested make your way to and spend a few hours downloading the game then make an account, now while your doing that read this:

RF: online

The game is centered on the conflict between 3 races (descendants of the now extinct human race) in their bid to control precious resources, and their desire to advance their respective agendas through any means necessary. There are three different races:

  • Accretia - A race of cyborgs who were forced to turn to artificial bodies due to the harsh environment on their home planet. Now they have forsaken flesh in their pursuit of perfection and they scorn every flesh being in the universe. Their metallic bodies are the toughest in the game and their technology is the most superior but they have no access to magic. Reestablished as The Empire, Accretia entered the Novus conflict against both Cora and Bellato.
  • Bellato - Due to the intense gravity on their home planet, the Bellato are the smallest people. They are a race of inventors that are able to combine creative tools and weapons with the Light form of universal magic. The Bellato enter the war as the least physically capable and yet given their ingenuity they have the potential to become the strongest. Before they became the Bellato Union, however, they were the Bellato Empire, who seized control after the Cora civil war but were beaten by the Accretians. Under such sustained attacks they fell from power, yet they have bided their time until they can become a force to be reckoned with once again.
  • Cora - They are an ancient race that scorn technology. Highly spiritual and gifted with natural magical abilities, Corites regard themselves as the highest form of creation. Their magical arts are far more superior to that of which the Bellato practice. Their god is Decem, whom they believed had given Corites their powers as well as their mission to subjugate all other forms of life in his name and to rid the galaxy of technology. The Holy Alliance of Cora was thus born to carry out their crusade.

More details on this can be found on Wikipedia:

ok now get on the game and get playing, i mean after all its free, what have you got to loose!

Monday, November 5, 2007

Daily Blog: GM no more...

As of today i am no longer a GM on Dominion WoW, It seems a complaint was made against me...

...i wont go into details as frankly i don't have to but it seems i was "abusing" my power when I wasn't spending 7-9 hours a day answering tickets in a vein attempt to entertain some of my in game friends with mirth laden antics that some of the more "silly" GM abilities (attack of the 50Ft murlock anyone?) let me play with and although i will be sad that i cannot help anyone on the server anymore i wish my replacement GM Coma the very very best of luck because believe me he's gonna need it since hes covering the GMT timezone which IMHO is one of the hardest GMing shifts possible in the game.

As a not to all my friends on Dominion, fear not for the irish idiot will not be going anywhere thankfully i have not been banned from the servers and still have my non GM characters to fall back on and play, but this does mean that your going to have to pester somebody else when talents fail or spam prevails. Good luck guys i wish you the best and i'll wave if i see you in game.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Daily Blog: apparently...

So anyway after a week of erratic and sometimes just non existent updates I'm a little concerned that faith in my little slice of the Internet may be dipping just a tad... assured that next week (starting tomorrow) my blog WILL be back up to standard with my usual level of self appointed insanity and long standing idiocy.

see ya tomorrow!

Friday, November 2, 2007

Movie/Toon night: Roberto's Halloween Special

Given that Halloween was this week the machima artist's of have been up to there usual insanities and come together off there various personal projects to produce this stonking machima that hopefully makes up for my somewhat erratic updates this week...

...regular service WILL resume next week when I'm not dealing with random kiddies turning up at my door with some quite unique threats of violence demanding candy...

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

How To: Hide your WIFI signal from sniffers

Hide Your Wireless Network - The top video clips of the week are here

Many people like myself use WIFI to surf, the feeling of being able to sit anywhere in your home and surf through the Internet away from the noise of room mates or stream a movie while you relax in bed is a huge boon.
Then you realise that your offering up free Internet connections for your neighbours and your bandwidth is suddenly sapped by leeching vermin...
Your first step should always be to limit access with a password to your network, If you don't then frankly you deserve to be leeched off.

Ok so now only those people you want to be on your network can be on your network...or so you think...sniffers have a myriad of different cracking software to beat your password... so its time to follow the video and take make your Internet your own again.

good luck with this guys, it is reasonably simple and can and will save your bandwidth and speed up your downloads.

OK I'm done watch the vid and I'll see ya later!

NOTE: ok now some people may have trouble logging onto there router manually in order to effect changes, if you have your install disc for your router use that to access your router IP and control system as this is the safest and easiest way to modify your settings.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Daily Blog: Beer make brain thing no work...

For those of you who check the blog daily (thanks guys) you may have noticed that there was no blog yesterday...

...yea sorry about that...

Beer does weird things, especially at Birthday party's, what can i say free beer makes me a very happy bunny and now if i can just find my pants I'll be on my way thankyouverymuch...

On the upside i did come across a few weird and wonderful oddities on the Internet while i nursed the mother of all hangovers that i will (as always) be publishing them over the period of the week.

Tune in tomorrow when the taste of second hand beer and day old pizza Finlay leaves the furry pink carpet that is my tongue when i will present this weeks "How To" ...

now if you excuse me the siren song of sleep calls me to my comfy bed...

...night night

Sunday, October 28, 2007

World of Warcraft: The Atlas!

Now i dont know about you but after 2.5 years in Azeroth i honestly thought i'd seen everything i could ever want to see...and many things that quite frankly i dont think i ever want to see again, but for those of you that havent been on the world wide trek around some of the more "unusual" locations of the world of warcraft Blizzared have finaly released there WoW world Atlas.

The atlas is created as an interactive flash and despite a truly epic load time it turns out to be not only fairly entertaining but has actualy peaked my intrest in a few odd places that to date i havent visited or simply didnt know about!

So ots time to put on your exploring pants and Boots of Treking and get on the trail.

WoW -> Info -> World Map

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Music for all: The Avalanches - Frontier Psychiatrist

Another oldie but goodie, a stupidly funny music video from the Avalanches.
Sit back relax and attempt to make sense of the idiocy.

But seriously when did music stop being funny?
i mean all this seriously heavy rap stuff and hard rock intermixed with emo loveless songs and Justin Bloody Timberlake...what happened to the funny?

meh maby im just getting old....

Friday, October 26, 2007

Movie/Toon night: The simpsons movie!

yes I'm a miracle worker...if you haven't watched this yet, watch it now and yes i realise that this is only the first part but as I'm a nice guy I'll post up the list for ease of use, enjoy but remember these links are NOT permanent and can be removed at ANY time so use em while you can!

Disclaimer: I did not upload this and claim no responsibility for this content legally, I am merely publishing a content link for ease of use.

Simpsons Movie Link

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Daily Blog: Just for a moment...

I know that normally this time of the week is taken up with me ranting on some subject of little or no importance over some perceived personal slight against me or the gaming community at large...

...not today...

As you probably know the fires that have consumed California are still raging out of control and Governor schwarzenegger (dear god i hate saying that...Austrian asshat) claims that although the fire fighting personnel is doing everything they can that this natural disaster "should have been planed for and a plan of action put into place to evacuate the people much sooner than we did"... shit Arnold...

Evidence has already come to light that disaster watchdogs were informed that a disaster like this "would in all probability" arise if government funds were not diverted into a "sizable firebreak" around the dry woodland areas as soon as possible....this was back in 1998 and again in 2002...

...I guess Arnie didn't need that new Hummer on the states penny after all...
now don't get me wrong I'm not blaming the overly chunky Austrian monkey for this entire situation, however I AM blaming him for using this as a political boost while peoples entire lives burn to cinders while he happily pisses off out of the state while having many of his personal effects moved to his second home on government transports!

Now if you would be so kind now that this debacle is out in the open can we please take a second to think about those who have already lost there possessions and in some cases there lives due to government greed and shortsightedness

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

How To: Super Charge your PC

Improve Your PC's Performance! - Watch more amazing videos here

Yea I'm sick of seeing perfectly good computers that SHOULD be able to run some of the best games out there struggle and splutter because people have NO GODDAMN CLUE how to get the best out of there system!

Put it this way i try to optimise my system about once a month and with a few minor exceptions *cough* I've had little or no trouble with my system to date that didn't result from my own idiocy.

Make Your Computer Faster PART 2 - Click here for more free videos

Yea i realise im treating you like a tech idiot but there are a few people out there that read this Blog that honestly have no goddamn clue...

...ok if you have followed the 1st and/or second videos and your computer is still slow...then your system sucks...up-grade...and soon

However if you still wanna tweak or you simply have to see it done again...

How To Make Your Computer A MEANMACHINE For Free! | PART I - The funniest home videos are here

Now you have no damn excuse, get to it and clean up your PC and then maby your computer wont struggle with all the "exotic" jpg's...

...than again 20gig of "art" would slow down anybodys yourself some DVDR and burn it ya pervert!