Friday, November 30, 2007

New Feature: Aries Uttering's

Yep that's right a whole new feature for this little blogg, its time to move onto the next level and add a little audio to the fun and games.

Aries uttering's will be a (hopefully) weekly feature that will with a little luck up my hits and improve my rants merely by you being able to actually listen to the venom and bile in my voice.

I make no apology for the amateurish nature of the voice blogg as I'm just beginning to work out how the hell to use it, but hopefully it will become as popular as movie night (now moved to Saturday permanently folks) and add a little diversity to my little corner of the Internet.

Alos added today (for thoses of you with ADD) i added a flash version of Super Mario Bro's to the bottom of the blogg so that you can stick a round and enjoy the music and try and beat my high score.

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