Saturday, November 7, 2009

Daily Blogg: Random Poetry time

a little random poetry just because i can...

War on terror?

Whispered voices call shadows from shallow places,
reeking stench of a thousand fettered heaps hum in the wind,
broken voices sing in chorus calling for peace,
deaf ears turn in mumbled silence to a indignant state,

How many times will we be ignored,
our sons and daughters trained for slaughter,
soaked in black gore spewed from an unyielding desert,
sand blasted as they fight for a government that does not care,

Politics and business demand there pound of flesh,
corrupting our world for greed,
gold and favours pass in darkness,
over the mouldering corpses of a dead generation,
as there souls lay twisted in the wreckage of a rich mans wallet.

hope you enjoy my work.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Daily Blogg: Work...still kinda sucks

So im off to do a little freelance work for the Official Xbox magazine's advertising department so that the "real" writers can deal with the Christmas glut of new releases.

no published name (except in microscopic print at the back of the mag)
no real money (about 1/4 of what there paying the in house guys)
but i get to work from home

so its not all bad.

oh well back to work, self motivation sucks too...i could be playing WoW or eating pies dammit

Monday, November 2, 2009

How Too: Be mine Holy Bovine

Meet Maladin a Lv80 "TAUREN" paladin
yep this is a live wow server not a hacked one and YES this is an unedited image shot just moments ago... how can a race incapable of being a paladin (at least until the next expansion) roll this class to Lv80? be honest they cant and er nor can I and this is just a really cool graphical glitch available on the latest release of the WoW client. Heres how you do it

The staff has confirmed it works, though the timing required is very precise. You need to be quick, but being too fast hitting one or the other is just as bad as being too slow. A few of us found that we had to slow down our fingers to do it properly, because "fast" to a hardcore FPS gamer is very different than "fast" to a casual MMO gamer. Click first, hit enter second. Not the other way around.

And there you have be off with you, make yourself a Tauradin or a undead hunter or even a troll druid waaaaay before blizz let you in game.