Thursday, December 27, 2007

Test for my new advertising banner

Make your own custom banners at!

Sorry about this folks just a little test for my new advertising banner, hopefully this could bring in some new readers and make the place a little easier to find.

Not bad considering it took me about 5 mins but i think its a good way to start the new year!

er... i'll find a way to remove ther blatant self advertising off my add as soon as i can do it without breaking it lol

and er dont click it it only links to the damn creator and since my html codeing sucks


DoveAlexa said...

Wow, the quality makes it look like you saved it as a .ass file :P. It's fine.

Lol, I could make you a pic that looks like that, but no scrolling text, sorry.

Aries said...

lol this is the V1 mock up, im making a gif file that should do the same thing but TBH i never expected it to be too good.

Trying out some new HTML stuff and TBH im not that good at animated stuff so i think i'll stick to what im good at.

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