Saturday, January 3, 2009

Daily Blogg: well that sucked...

what can i say its been a traumatic month. as you may or may not know my whole Christmas present rundown that is oh so popular at this time of year got buggered up by my piece of *expletive deleted* computer basically refusing to boot up no matter what i did.

so as of today i gave up and toasted the son of a bitch and bought myself a high ens PC from the nice folks at PC world and am happy to say that normal service will resume as soon as is humanly possible after i finish setting up this Vista powered monstrosity and transferring all my software off the lump of plastic and pain that is my former personal computer.

Special thanks to Dustin for passing on my failure to stick to schedule in the comments section and to all the folks who noticed i had died at the various forums i frequent as well as those who continued to hit the site to see if i managed to pull myself out of this electronically induced hell