Sunday, October 28, 2007

World of Warcraft: The Atlas!

Now i dont know about you but after 2.5 years in Azeroth i honestly thought i'd seen everything i could ever want to see...and many things that quite frankly i dont think i ever want to see again, but for those of you that havent been on the world wide trek around some of the more "unusual" locations of the world of warcraft Blizzared have finaly released there WoW world Atlas.

The atlas is created as an interactive flash and despite a truly epic load time it turns out to be not only fairly entertaining but has actualy peaked my intrest in a few odd places that to date i havent visited or simply didnt know about!

So ots time to put on your exploring pants and Boots of Treking and get on the trail.

WoW -> Info -> World Map

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