Saturday, December 26, 2009

Movie Night: The Golden Compass

Ladys and gentlemen, fans of Aries Antics of all ages May i present to you a modern age classic, The Golden Compass.

Normally i would seek to give a general overview of the plot and the background but since the film more than fills you in on that very very quickly on its own i shall simply say enjoy the cinematic magnificence and then shut my trap.

happy st Stephen's day or Boxing day as you my so be inclined and i hope to see you very very soon!

Link for wide-screen stream:|1261847053

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Daily Blogg: Christmas gift to my fans

Merry Geekmas to all and to all a good night!

This year im bring the gift of the wonderful elseworlds title JLA: Created Equal.
The story is about a Superman having'see hes the last man on earth...well the last fertile man on earth after a massive biological disaster renders anyone with a Y chromosome sterile and soon after dead thus ending humanity as we know it. Fortunately Kal-El's Kryptonian DNA is made of sterner stuff and after knocking up Lois offers his DNA to the women of earth in order to repopulate... i wont spoil the twist and by extension the second story (which i also included) and ending of this tale but just imagine for a moment a world of super human kiddies with similar powers to Supe's himself and just what there teenage years are going to be like.

Now before you hit teh download i should warn you it will be first come first served as due to copyright laws and the fact that i dont want to have my ass sued im only offering up 10 downloads of this .rar for you all to squabble over.

so if you want it download it NOW!

Link: Click here to download file

Merry Christmas folks and look out for the boxing night movie.

Monday, December 21, 2009

How Too: Dreamcatcher giftables

Ok tis that time of year again folks and as you all know im cheap so for me its time to "make the thought count" and give away some freebies to my more ...unusual... friends.

Now im not saying this is a gift for just hippies and native Americans but i am saying that when i say ots the thought that counts in this case it will be more "the effort" that counts.

This is NOT an easy make but it is fairly quick and when decorated with a few feathers and beads (bought from any local craft shop)and a little creativity you can do something really personal for your friends remarkably quickly.

Now i should say, the video itself is of relievedly low quality but if you listen to the instructions it is quite clear what she is talking about and doing.
With a little practice you can probibly knock out one of these in about 40 mins but for your first one i suggest you take an hour and take your time. Apart from that you can (with a little imagination) make something wonderful for yourself or others with minimal effort and financial outlay.

NOW if your feeling especially cheap this year combine a very small version of this project with a few feathers and pop it inside an origami box (see last weeks make) and a little ribbon and you have an all but free but quite expensive looking craft gift to give away, and remember that athough teh smaller dreamcatchers are a little more fiddly to make they are a lot quicker and can be made with very cheap craft thread and due to there small size mistakes in there manufacture can easily be overlooked.

*if it looks terrible or if you screw up call it rustic design
*use local (and most importantly free) materials to make it more authentic
*clean all feathers in boiling water and place in an airing cupboard for 24 hours before use
*light application of a rawhide strip thong to a small catcher can make it an amazing necklace
*chicks dig handy craft, if you want to impress her add this as an extra to your REAL gift

good lock and seasons greetings to you all
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