Tuesday, December 21, 2010


So its the holiday season, its snowing and its -10 outside with a windchill that scares the hell out of the elderly, small children and ...er...me.....*cough*

this years chrimbo giveaway is kinda implied with the amazing piece of art above!

Thats right folks im not only giving away Scott Pilgrim Vs the World (on high quality .avi) but also the COMPLETE series on .cbr for your reading pleasure!

Happy holidays readers and happy new year!

Movie link:

Comic link:
[Scott Pilgrim 01 - Scott Pilgrim..zip (Scott Pilgrim 01 )]

[Scott Pilgrim 02 - Scott Pilgrim..rar (Scott Pilgrim 02)]

[Scott Pilgrim 03 - Scott Pilgrim..rar (Scott Pilgrim 03)]

[Scott Pilgrim 04 Scott Pilgrim G..zip (Scott Pilgrim 04)]

[Scott Pilgrim 05 - Scott Pilgrim..zip (Scott Pilgrim 05)]

All uploads are to Megaupload and relatively fast, how long they stay stable and viable is presently unknown so grab em while you can!

Now dont forget to tune in later this week for a happy holiday How Too! for those last second gift ideas for friends and family of the cheap and cheerless :p