Saturday, September 8, 2007

Epix for the...meh...

Rolling on a Private server has many advantages, the freedom to do what you want when you want, constant contact with the GM's and lets not forget the customised vendors!

However one of the little problems this causes is the somewhat dull nature of the armour sets, i mean everybody having Tier six is cool and I'm shure everybody wants to be as powerful as they possibly can be but lets be serious here seeing the entire server dressed the same way can get a little dull. Even those who choose to mix things up a little by takeing the PVP sets are getting a little dull.

So here's my suggestion, i will endeavor to acquire a prize of suitable proportions and 1773ness for the first truly original and effective set of gear!


OK guys here we go all i need you to do is take a screenie and post it in the comments section! yep its that easy but dont forget to tell us all what your wearing. I will choose a winner some time before next Saturday. Good luck!

Friday, September 7, 2007

Feel Free To Comment!!!

public, so feel free all you loons and please....yes Lady's and Gents of the interweb due to popular request i have opened up my comments boxes to the general crazy's to comment on my ickle blog, however i will be modding the comment boxes and as always guys try to keep it relay I'm serious.....and you know who I'm talking to.

now... go forth and comment you lot!

Rumour mill (stranger than fiction!)

(view: or click for full sized image)

Druid "WTF" forms!

Lady's and gents, proving fact is always stranger than fiction (and that comic artists all have crystal balls) i have yet another wonderful rumour from the mill!

If you haven't got the gag yet it appears that Druids (or to be precise "Arch Druids" or "Defenders of the Forest" & "Defenders of the Plains") may be getting a few more shape shifting forms...
Now if the ones parodied in the wonderful Manic Graffiti web comic come to pass or not new twists on the old tried and tested Druid abilities are shure to be utilised in the upcoming expansion, Its only a matter of time before the "class eliminator" strikes again and everybody cries over the "IMBA Droodz" taking there raid places again...only time will tell.

BTW don't forget to check out the wonderful Manic Graffiti web comic and enjoy the wonderful art and parody at:

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Renegade no more: Interviews and updates (part3)

<---loomus, (ya rly) avoid if possable, i mean lotion kleenex and a scared!

the interviews will continue this is the last update for a couple of hours (until i get more info) and this is a biggie, Exile was one of the founding GM's on the Rebel server (the forerunner to Renegade) and was very happy to give the following interview:

Aries: you were a GM on renegade for quite some time, how did this effect you ?

Exile: well, renegade was a great server it all started with Rebel and everything was nice, but loomus started to act like a child, i realise he's only 15 but he's really immature, so i think us leaving and the server flailing is what he deserves.

Aries: and how do you feel on what happened to the donors?

Exile: The first thing i will say is that i don't know if "donating" the way he did it is legal or not, i realise that spending donor money on himself was childish and i believe that the donors should contact him on getting there money back because i think its clear that the money was not spent on upkeep or upgrades to the renegade structure.

Aries: if you could say one thing to loomus right now what would it be?

Exile: lol are bad words allowed?

Aries: keep it PG13

Longfoot: Your mom should have swallowed when she had the chance


Exile: well I would tell him to slow his decisions down well 'cause they damaged hundreds of donators that probably won't get their money back. and now THROW AWAY THAT IPHONE!

well i think that says it all...or does it? more info later

Renegade no more: Interviews and updates (part2)

Ok so we got Longfoots take on the subject but as i said it wasn't just the GM's that were effected now was it?

We now have an interview with Slashtheory a long term and known member of Renegade wow who witnessed the fall of this server and has an interesting take on the subject, but i'll let the guy speak for himself:

Aries: so you witnessed the fall of RenegadeWoW, whats your take on the death of this once great server?

Slashtheory: it WAS a really great server but i herd why it was going down and well most of my friends were donators and it was wrong that a corrupt owner can take funds donated in good faith for the upkeep of the server and spend it on himself. I have nothing against age, but younger people i know tend to be more stubborn and more self centered, i know because I was the same way :)

Thanks for that slash. ok one more interview to go , keep refreshing

Renegade no more: Interviews and updates

Ok i've kept you waiting long enough, now after "iphone" a few people and they "donate" some of there time we can get on with the interviews with the former staff and users of this now dead and reincarnated server. Our first interview will be with one of the most popular GM's of RenegadeWoW and now one of the Admins on DominionWoW...

Aries: so Longfoot whats going on with renegade wow?

Longfoot: we had some problems, basicly Loomus (our Admin) chose to spend donator cash on personal "toys" and subscriptions on various sites. including an new iphone, in all honesty that was the end for me..

Aries: so how did you find out this was happening?

Longfoot: well basically he was bragging about it in our Ventrillo server but before i could alt tab out to record it he logged off.

Aries: well what does the future hold for you and the other GM's?

Longfoot: We have all moved to Dominion Wow where i'll be an admin along with all the other GM's where we will continue to offer the same great service as we always have and offer only the best events and server uptime as ever for free.

Aries: well thank you longfoot i look forward to seeing you ingame and thanks for the interview.

But Longfoot wasnt the only one with Something to say... another interview to be uploaded in a moment, keep refreshing your browser.

Renegade no more.

Lady and gentlemen i have sad news, Renegade WoW is no more, it is dead as the dodo, as for why well i could tell you but that would spoil the fun...
Baicly though certain "internal problems" and "difficulties" concerning donations and in game items has caused a rift between the previous realm management and his GM staff which has caused the fall of this once great private server.

Fortunitly this is not the end as the staff have formed there own new and improved server in the form of DominionWoW where all our favorite mad GM's will reside and continue there good work. So where does this leave the poor donators? well im sorry but your cash is gone...where has it gone you ask? well i'll cover that later when we will have an interview with some of the high end donators (some of which donated in excess of $700 US) and former GM's of RenegadeWoW.

Untill then those of you that want your WoW fix can join the GM's and former members on Dominion by following the provided link address:

more info on this later.