Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Daily Blogg: Working as Intended™

Ah Blizzard you done it again, Winter Grasp (my new favourite PVP area) has been nerfed and broken. Only six months after its conception the World Of Warcrafts only open world PVP has been shattered beyond repair.

The changes are as follows:

  • Vehicle health and damage output in Strand of the Ancients and Wintergrasp now scale with the item level of the operator's gear. Power scaling is now 1% damage and 1% health per average item level.
  • All Wintergrasp daily quests have been changed to a weekly format. The honor and Stone Keeper's Shards rewarded for completing these quests have been increased to compensate.
  • The bonus honor for winning the battle in Wintergrasp and controlling/destroying towers has been reduced.
So basically is back to Gear Vs Gear rather than skill Vs skill in PVP again....god dammit blizz will you never learn?

Pic unrelated: but very clear glitch...or perhaps Oro is just bear surfing...who knows

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Daily Blogg: Mal Hits 80!

Ohh yes its been a quick one, with less than 15 days played and with some tasty blue gear under my belt and a magic carpet under my feet im feeling pretty damn good about myself.

Regardless PVP combat beacons to get me a little bit of purple bling and some better stats. so i must be off.

peace folks, and FOR THE HORDE!

(screen shot is clearly set up to make me look far more popular in game than i really am, thanks Blessed your all amazing)

Monday, May 18, 2009

Daily Blogg: A message form Anon.

I was standing in the bank today lined up behind one of those godawful tension barriers when i happened across a scrawled note daintily placed just a little ahead on the little platform you would write your bank slips and cheques on and i'll be honest im not sure but i think the internet is leaking out into the real world, judge for yourself...

" Welcome simple mortal to this the last day of your life as you know it.
You may not relalise it now but when your time comes, and it will, and your life flashes before your eyes just take note of this moment and think that at the very least you have a little time to reflect on whats happening as you await your number being called.
Hell may have its punishments but NOTHING can be as dull and repetitive as what human beings like yourself are putting themselves through every single day.

So as you leave this place remember to go out and live your life to its fullest, you only get one ride on the big blue marble so make it count for something.


...well that put me in my place didnt it... somebody get a plumber the tubes are leaking. I mean the internets not like a truck you can just dump something on is it?