Thursday, January 6, 2011

Daily Blogg: Yea that Flu is a killer

Been ill, been very very ill, so ill infact that i have not been online for anything other than mild browsing for over 2 weeks.

To say this years seasonal flu is a killer may not be the understatement i had intended nor as jovial as i hoped. With a death toll in the thousands and millions bedridden and housebound due to the remarkably cold weather and the horrifyingly virulent nature of this illness towns and cites nationwide are still shockingly empty even in the midsts of the January sales.

As it stands i appear to have gotten off fairly lightly with only a 14 day convalescence and will be attempting a more upbeat Blog entry some time before the weekend.

Thanks again for keeping the hope fires lit with your hits, as always i appreciate them more than words can say and i wish you all a heartfelt abet belated Happy New year.