Friday, November 9, 2007

Movie Night: Superbad

staying with my theme of bringing you only the best and brightest new movies on a Friday i present for your viewing pleasure the kickass movie Superbad. I'm not gonna spoil the film for you but i can and will say this grab a bucket of popcorn pop it up to full screen and warn the neighbours & housemates that your probably going to get very loud.

Enjoy the movie and don't forget that parts 2-4 are available via the link button at the bottom of this post and click the links.


Thursday, November 8, 2007

Rant : The Whiny 10%

one in every ten people is a f**king whiny bitch, this is a simple unequivocal fact.

What this rant is about is not that fact that these whiny asshats exist, no this is about the fact that no matter where or when these people decide to cry that those in control are forced to listen or be inundated with all manner of complaints and mindless aggression because these stupid, whiny self indulged, greedy loud, frustrating children refuse to do anything for themselves because they have learned that if there loud and annoying enough people stop what there doing and pay attention to them.

Frankly I'm sick sore and tired of it, the whole concept of whining about something i can fix myself is frankly alien to me, even with this rant I'm attempting to fix this injustice by trying to make a few of the whiny bastards take a good long look at there behaviour and maby think "maby instead of complaining i can do something about it" although what is more likely is that this will only make them cry harder that im being "unfair"...

...goddamn asshats...

Rant over...

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

How To: Hide your Porn folder on a shared PC

Create An Ultra Hidden Folder On Windows XP - Funny bloopers R us

There really is nothing worse than when your wife/partner/mother/sister finds your porno...
the unfortunate silence's and various looks of disgust (not to mention having to change your mouse and keyboard) can not only be socially difficult but can cause so many personal problems and idiotic jokes at your experience that it makes your home life a total embarrassment. so for all you 4chan image stealing needs i present to you an almost idiot proof and practically uncountable hidden file in which you can hide all your filth... shoud be ashamed.... can also be used to hide credit card numbers and other things too but lets be honest here we all know whats going in there...

Happy fapping guys and girls!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Daily Blog: Rising Force Set Free

As I'm as cheap as hell and am loath to pay for anything i can get on the cheap or even better if its free I'm always on the look out for announcements like this.
Last week the much underrated MMORPG Rising Force: Online and its various expansions was switched from "pay to play" to "free to play" meaning that this CodeMasters epic can now be downloaded and played without the unfortunate need to splash out for a monthly fee.

How this works is similar to most of the emulator community's servers basically allowing you to play the basic game for free while offering special items to those of us wiling to cough up a little hard earned currency to empower there avatar with some truly over powered and shiny items.
Not only does this allow for a reasonable cost efficient influx of cash to keep the servers running and pay for bandwidth but means with such a high turnover of new players that the odds of a high income for very little work are more than reasonable.

So now that your interested make your way to and spend a few hours downloading the game then make an account, now while your doing that read this:

RF: online

The game is centered on the conflict between 3 races (descendants of the now extinct human race) in their bid to control precious resources, and their desire to advance their respective agendas through any means necessary. There are three different races:

  • Accretia - A race of cyborgs who were forced to turn to artificial bodies due to the harsh environment on their home planet. Now they have forsaken flesh in their pursuit of perfection and they scorn every flesh being in the universe. Their metallic bodies are the toughest in the game and their technology is the most superior but they have no access to magic. Reestablished as The Empire, Accretia entered the Novus conflict against both Cora and Bellato.
  • Bellato - Due to the intense gravity on their home planet, the Bellato are the smallest people. They are a race of inventors that are able to combine creative tools and weapons with the Light form of universal magic. The Bellato enter the war as the least physically capable and yet given their ingenuity they have the potential to become the strongest. Before they became the Bellato Union, however, they were the Bellato Empire, who seized control after the Cora civil war but were beaten by the Accretians. Under such sustained attacks they fell from power, yet they have bided their time until they can become a force to be reckoned with once again.
  • Cora - They are an ancient race that scorn technology. Highly spiritual and gifted with natural magical abilities, Corites regard themselves as the highest form of creation. Their magical arts are far more superior to that of which the Bellato practice. Their god is Decem, whom they believed had given Corites their powers as well as their mission to subjugate all other forms of life in his name and to rid the galaxy of technology. The Holy Alliance of Cora was thus born to carry out their crusade.

More details on this can be found on Wikipedia:

ok now get on the game and get playing, i mean after all its free, what have you got to loose!

Monday, November 5, 2007

Daily Blog: GM no more...

As of today i am no longer a GM on Dominion WoW, It seems a complaint was made against me...

...i wont go into details as frankly i don't have to but it seems i was "abusing" my power when I wasn't spending 7-9 hours a day answering tickets in a vein attempt to entertain some of my in game friends with mirth laden antics that some of the more "silly" GM abilities (attack of the 50Ft murlock anyone?) let me play with and although i will be sad that i cannot help anyone on the server anymore i wish my replacement GM Coma the very very best of luck because believe me he's gonna need it since hes covering the GMT timezone which IMHO is one of the hardest GMing shifts possible in the game.

As a not to all my friends on Dominion, fear not for the irish idiot will not be going anywhere thankfully i have not been banned from the servers and still have my non GM characters to fall back on and play, but this does mean that your going to have to pester somebody else when talents fail or spam prevails. Good luck guys i wish you the best and i'll wave if i see you in game.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Daily Blog: apparently...

So anyway after a week of erratic and sometimes just non existent updates I'm a little concerned that faith in my little slice of the Internet may be dipping just a tad... assured that next week (starting tomorrow) my blog WILL be back up to standard with my usual level of self appointed insanity and long standing idiocy.

see ya tomorrow!