Saturday, September 22, 2007

A million little voices...


OK people, i think its about time we had a little chat...

I love vent i think its the best thing since beer came in six packs, but lately i noticed that more and more often "certain people" have no clue what there doing or worse no goddamn self control when in the company of there peers.

Now I'm not talking about the normal background level of insanity and humour (i find that both humorous and entertaining and wouldn't give it up for the world) what I'm talking about is those few of you that believe its your own personal radio station and that only your voice should the only one squeeking in our poor mutilated eardrums!

Now I'm not talking about dedicated Vent DJ's in there own channel....far from it....I'm talking about idiots and pre-pubescent morons that have set there mic up badly and pumped there output up to frankly deafening levels so that they are herd above everybody else so that people are forced to leave the channel (and sometimes Vent entirely) just so they can recover.

Now although Squeekers and dopey DJ's are one thing and in there own way reasonably tolerable there is one more type of vent user that should be taken out and shot in the face and that's SOUNDBOARD SPAMMERS! you people make me heave, stealing Vent info and downloading a cheap ass soundboard just so you can annoy and irritate regular gamers with bullshit noises and racist/sexist rubbish then when your muted log out and back in to reset the mute then continue your aural effluent until a nice chappy with Vent moderation IP banns your annoying ass.

Have a little consideration you asshats if you wanna DJ make a channel and post a comment concerning your intentions, as for Sound boarders....well i would like you to reach down into your pants take a firm grip and do the world a favour by pulling very very hard until you rip them right off you sodding WANKER! tell you what i got a better idea, go introduce nice Mr Fork to Ms Electrical outlet! then go play in the trafic.....goddamm twats.

Friday, September 21, 2007

your a girl?...oh rly?

Now I know a LOT of female gamers, i KNOW they exist, I have played with them on boath private and retail MMORPG's for years, and thankfully with only a very scant few who have no clue what there doing.

I love the idea that female gamers can not only integrate and enjoy online gamers with impunity and even get a few helpful players give them a little boost due to there gender purely for the pleasure of there company.

WHAT I CAN NOT STAND! is the pervy bastards that play on the rarity of female gamers in order to attain free loot or assistance with the promise of a sexual encounter or worse a promise of a real life sexual encounter!

The simple fact is that "people" like this rely on the anonymity of the Internet and MMORPG's to solicit "phat lewt" and because of it male players of various ages then treat every single female player they meet from then on with ether a level of suspicion or distaste, in some cases demanding that they PROVE there female before even considering grouping or helping them.

I realize that many of you out there are pre-pubescent morons with an IQ comparable to a week dead goldfish but for f*cks sake girls are gamers too! not only gamers but people...real people with real feelings that pay exactly the same to play the damn game as you...THEY ARE NOT HERE FOR YOUR SEXUAL GRATIFICATION!!!

I'm not some liberal wishy washy gimp with some sort of "female empowerment" thing, i'm just a guy who appreciates a little diversity and has the brains to realize that people are people no matter there gender or race.

That said i really would like to see some of the more manipulative trans-gender players get truly hung on there machinations by a real hardcore girl gamer.


Additional: It has been noted by quite a few of my readers through personal e-mail's and forums that i have on occasion chosen to play with a female avatar in games, this may be true but i never hid my gender in order to gain any advantage and this is distinctly apparent on role playing servers. However I always make it clear during RP and to my guild that I am male and although i would be playing the character as a woman i would prefer to keep "online relationships" more on the friendship level unless all party's are aware of the situation. This has led to some truly .....interesting.... situations with both genders and in one case being approached by a totally random couple and asked "do you cyber?" ....i simply asked them if they realised i was a guy IRL and to my surprise seemed to sweeten the deal.

To David and Marie i will once again say thank you that was a truly "unique" night.

Rare cases of me dancing on mailboxes wearing a bra and panties in Goldshire while AFK and finding my inbox full of "donations of gratitude" are rare at best....... after all im not a hussy but a girls gotta eat.

Official expansion news (not rumours this time)

This morning i received my "Blizzard Media pack" on the "Wrath of the Lich King" expansion...

...TBH i feel a little dirty taking there info after "borrowing" the info i wanted for so long, but here go's.

WotLK expansion updates:
ok first up to bat is the new User Interface (UI) and the funky new voice chat options, sadly this is pretty much self explanatory and a bit crappy but I'm a good journalist so i will struggle on...
The rumoured loss of the "mouse turning option" has been officially squashed and the world may sigh in relief and those who perpetuated this evil and sick rumour should loose there rights to reproduce.

The voice chat is going to work on a team basis, basically only functioning fully when your in a party. HOWEVER there will be a "vox" between players of the same faction when within an acceptable distance and this will function alongside the current system, so expect barrens style squeaking in every major!

Lastly we have the "DeathKnight" & "DemonHunter" test beds, although officially a glitching error so called "Warriordins" and "FireRogues" are showing up more and more often on retail servers essentially functioning as Beta Tests among players of these classes for the expansion, let me explain these twists on the classic classes that some "people" are using to get the "feel " of the expansion here and now...


The Warriordins are basically Retribution class Paladins in socketable Warrior gear and a big phat 2 hand sword or axe. The warrior gear may seriously Nerf there mana but that is compensated for with +mana regen gems. Utilising only self buffs and a heavy mix of combat orientated enchants these wannabes have got a few screws loose but with a weapon equipped with unholy or lifesteal and the huge armour and attack value of the warrior gear means that although these guys are faking the upcoming class...there still kinda tough!


The Rogue class has always been over powered but utilising a very powerful enchant (that i wont mention by name) and +fire damage enchants and gear (usually warlock) with a load of +crit gems and and fire power potions we end up with a magic using rogue that can hit consistently for 800-2000 damage per hit. But then again the idea of a magic using rogue is nothing new for us lore whores...sounds like a demon hunter to me and with the various Illidan drops available we have some depressingly powerful very convincing demon hunters that are more than capable of holding there own despite the cloth gear.

and that's it folks, that's all i got for now but this weekend I'm opening up the rumour mill and I may even show you my own Beta hybrids!...stay tuned

Thursday, September 20, 2007

OMGWTFBBQ!!! Fu*king Idiot moterists!!!

Today i had i dit of an incident, i was passing by my local ASDA (wallmart's name here in the UK) and as i grabbed a little cash from the ATM when I herd a scream of breaks and seen a bunch of high school kiddies running for there lives, that is to say i say MOST of them running.

One of the kids was run over pretty bad, so being a decent bloke i "ran" over to see what i could do, as i got there several things happened at once, the driver put hi/her/it's foot down and barreled out of the car park at stupidly high speed, two ASDA guards came out with cell phones and radios and were chattering like apes while this poor kid went into shock in front of me.

As a few of you know I'm an ex soldier and still pretty up to speed with basic field medic training and First aid, and so i took it upon myself to try and make this poor kid comfortable.
It was 20 Min's before an ambulance showed up to take the kid to hospital, when the paramedics asked me i explained what i had done to make the kid comfortable and gave a very basic run down of what happened and injuries i had observed, soon after i gave a police statement and went and got cleaned up.

Now some of you may think this is just me patting myself on my ass but you would be sadly wrong... no this is an all out rant in pure unbridled anger and barley restrained rage at the ignorance of idiot drivers near school's and school routes. I no longer drive due to another idiot without a licence in a stolen car turning me into roadkill a few years ago i lamented my own pain and comforted myself that at the very least trained and licenced drivers would never be that stupid...

...i can see now that ignorance is bliss, but the very idea that this "child" could have been crippled for life by a licenced driver who then RAN LIKE A FU*KING COWARD! just drives me nuts! whats worse I cant even think of a good way to vent my anger and frustration over this other than through my medium of choice.

Bas*ards like that should not only loose there licences permanently and have there rights to reproduce removed violently.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Final Fantasy Last order.

With all the Final Fantasy hype going on ATM i thought maby you lot deserve a treat so here it is the story of how Cloud got his Buster sword form Zack and in turn inherited a legacy that continues on to this day.


Although the movie isn't the best quality and (at this size) the subtitles suck its still worth a quick view before you nip over to youtube for a proper full screen look.

These times they are a changin'

Well at least some things stay the same...

or do they?

Not so much at Dominion WoW, due to hosting issues (the issue being our host is a dickwad) we have been forced into a full reset and host switch.

yes it bites the big one and yes no there's not a damn thing we can do about it. None the less those who donated will get there gear back on both our new "Blizz like" server as well as a full character restore and don't worry we arn't forgetting our beloved "Funserver" donators who as always have our dedicated and insane GM's and Admin staff to rely upon in times of crisis however your gonna have to rebuild your "toon" yourself were only doing donator gear and weapon restores there.

That's pretty much it folks, details on the new IP for your realmlist can be found on the Dominion website and as always the forums are open, but if you fancy something a little more responsive to your needs i would suggest getting on ventrillo and actually talking to some of our knowledgeable and friendly staff and members who are always happy to help...and call you a noob...and mock you....and laugh.....

Just kidding we love new members and are always happy to have you on our server...just please remember "push to talk" is your doesn't bite...

Dominion wow:

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Self advertising 101...

Ok today's blog entry is a little bit of self promoting, and some cool info for all the PSP users that read this blog. As many of you know i write for a wonderful little site know as &, where i have to say i have been a happy forum user and general thorn in the ass of the various moderators & admin (hi Bex & Stephy and all the rest of you lol) and am proud to say is one of the closest and most tight knit communities it has ever been my pleasure to be a part off.

This week i have (once again) managed to pull an exclusive outa my bum in the form of a review of Final fantasy Crisis Core and i hope that all of my readers will take a few mins to nip over to PSPC and take a quick read of my review of this frankly awe inspiring game.


If you feel like joining in the insanity or just coming in and enjoying the anime downloads and chats on all things game related or maby your looking for a place to just chill out and show off your GFX creations feel free to use the link and join in the fun!

Now that i have given Vahid a little free advertising maby he wont mind me linking people to my blog lol...

...yes I'm a sellout but dammit I'm too damn old to beat around the bush lol - Your #1 Source for PSP News, Reviews, Tutorials, and Community

Monday, September 17, 2007

Last video of the Tier 7 run up series...

OK peeps this is the last of my three part series on Dominion WoW's pre Tier 7 run up.
i hope you enjoyed the videos and athough i will do more in the future it will be of a more machima orentated nature and maby one realy good Dominion WoW advertisement.

thanks again to all the guys at Dominion and all the players for there help and curious good nature and insanity on screen for me to capture and show to the world.

See ya in the game.

Tier 7 on Dominion part 2 (of 3)

ooh another video...yes I'm bored ok!

this one should amuse or infuriate ether way i have done my job lol.

while I'm here though i would like tosay SORRY to Exile for earlier comments ( he knows what I'm talking about) and make a lengthy and emotional plea for his forgiveness.

oh and the last part of this video will be put up ether tonight or tomorrow...once i shoot it...and edit it...and add music...*cough*

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Tempest keep under seige...

Earlier today on Dominion WoW The Admins and GM staff implemented customised Tier 7 gear into the server and created a drop zone within the Tempest Keep Raid instance. The theory was sound, only those within a group of skilled adventures could penetrate the defences and hope to acquire the incredible Tier 7 gear. This would limit the spread of the armour and encourage PVE combat within the server...

...alas this was not to be and despite the GM and Admin staff's constant and continued requests that raid groups wait to be summoned to the gates of the keep by the server staff and instead prepare themselves by making potions and enchanting there gear this humble request was denied. Instead of having a little self restraint the various frat boys and kiddies of the server pestered the GM's with demands of gear and requests to be summoned and whats worse camped the gates of the keep And PVP'D the server into a disconnecting death time and time again until the GM's were forced to shut the keep until further notice forever trapping the Tier 7 gear within.

This has not however stopped some of the more persistent of the idiots, with the determination of a selfish children after being told not too many have exploited the various lagg and death buggs within (all) servers to access the now locked down keep.

In short this has resulted in the Admin staff being forced to upgrade there server & equipment in order to cope with these campers and exploiters using donator funds and money from there own pockets.

so what does this mean? well basically the server needs to upgrade, so this week at some stage (probably Saturday) the server will go down and we will all be modding our WTF files yet again, fortunately it appears (at present) we will be able to retain our characters but this has yet to be confirmed.

until then...KEEP OUT OF TEMPEST KEEP!!!

Dominion WoW: the

Just a little something for those of us that were standing around this morning with nothing to do while Longfoot, Exile & the other GM's and admin ran around like blue arsed flies attempting to get there funky Tier7 gear working...

...this is a tribute to the server and all the relay weird and wonderful people in it.
who knows you may even get a glimpse of your avatar on it.

oh and please read the may be pleasantly surprised!

oh and woodmime of PSPC has put in the first new Dominion WoW banner...and i gotta tell you...DAMN i can honestly say i've never seen anything like it!