Monday, December 10, 2007

Daily Blogg: Stress

I love my job, honestly there are whole days when i can just sit on my ass surfing the web and playing wow for "research" and "characterisation" but every now and then i get hired for something so utterly stupid or totally pointless that i just want to scream.

Today is one of those days, i wont go into details but i swear if i have to look at one more pointless or uninformed "can we try the character this way?" or "well in my humble opinion" feedback report from that unqualified, uninspired hack I SWEAR I'm going to kick him the balls and forget how to stop!
so i decided to relax everyone in the the local (Belfast) office of ICB publishing (who hired me for this rewrite) and sent this nice flash of some cute kittens: Flash Movie - Cute Kittens

I'm feeling a lot less stressed now and can finally focus on this pointless trash.

BTW guys every single "letter from the Editor" and "Agony Aunt" letter ever published has to be edited and approved by the magazine/paper/comics editorial staff and they hire poor bastards like me to rewrite your incoherent ramblings into something readable and on slow days when nothing has been sent in make something up from scratch...

...yes I'm serious...

porn mags do it too in there letters pages, and YES I've written my fair share of those too...
...meh it pays the bills.


DoveAlexa said...

How the hell did you not get in trouble for sending that 'kittens' video around? Seriously? Someone there had to take offense to that and decide to make your day worse by snitching. Or, wait, does everyone agree with you? That sounds like some lovely boss you've got there.

Also, you've written fake hot-and-bothered letters to playboy or somesuch o_O? What the hell do you do for research in figuring out what to write? How do you not die from laughter or embarrassment while writing it? My god man!

Lastly, I know you said the crash wasn't your fault, but, well,you *did* just get your GM powers back... and you seem a bit crazy, and newb hateful. I'm kidding I know you didn't do it, but I bet you laughed when all those fun server 'n00bs' went and cried.

Ty for your post and your Utterings. I waiting all weekend for it :P.

Byebye, Aries ^^.

Aries said...

Oddly the combintion of sending the emial form the server station under the offices email and the fact that everybody pissed themselves laughing for a full 20 mins after and then passed it on to just about everyone they knew kinda made my day.

As for the porno writing, TBH its stupidy easy, i would give you an example but i'm trying to keep it relitivly PG13.

As for the crash (and conistant crashing after)I DIDNT DO IT! and i thankyou for noticing that im just to nice to do it. and yes there was much crying and complaining.

more utterings later

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