Thursday, February 19, 2009

Daily Blogg: Yet more warcrack madness

sorry no normal update again...

...and no warcraft has nothing to do with it.

enjoy the vid and i'll see you tomorrow.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Daily Blogg: World of crafted poetry

A little poetry for all you vanilla wow players.

Azeroth farm remembers

In days of old when Palas told of fights with dragon kin,
and warlocks slung shard of souls to keep there demons in,
the Warriors and Hunters fought for every piece of loot,
Raid leaders ran a 40 man and gave ninjas the boot.
The mages (mostly gnomes you see) on the alliance side
made raid bosses scream and run about and even try to hide,
there DPS was off the charts to earn there DKP,
cast there mighty spells reduced there target all to soot for all of us to see,
the priests and druids eyed up the healing clothie gear to get a T3 suit,
Shamans owned in PVP with totem shock's and root.
All of this i say to you the newer gamer chap, we did all this before Blizz came up with TBC crap
and now we have a frozen emo nancy King to beat,
we slaughtered gods and beheaded drakes, all of them dead meat,
Surly a little gothic prince cant make us quake in fear,
we saddle up we level hard grab epics far and near,
we worry not you see at Lv80 though it may sound rather queer,
all we have to do you see is let rogues take him roughly from the rear. :p

Monday, February 16, 2009

Daily Blogg: A nub guide to armor class

I was on Saurafang earlier when the question of armor classes and what classes wore what armor's. Apparently the new player had not read his class description properly so being the nice chap i am i recited to him this simple mantra:

The armor class 101

If spells you cast, protect your ass with robes all shiny and new,
The sneaky Rogues and furry Droods wear leather to pew pew,
If mail you see a Hunters treat or shammy gear FTW,
The Plated guys to no surprise are Warrior and Paladin.
The Death Knights do not count you see that goddamn Hero class,
the plated rogues with spells so bold can kiss my poetic ass.

copy pasta and send to nubs, enjoy. Peace out

Daily Blogg: Tea for two

So anyway an early Blogg today to celebrate my entry into the guild Totem Tea Party here on Saurafang server EU.

As you know the server itself is very new (so new DK's are still banned) and by now you know me well enough to know i was doing my early morning grind in the barrens (will i never be Lv30?) when i met a very interesting young lady called Myxomatosis (i freaking LOVE that name) who after a very brief chat invited yours truly to join the guild.

so it happened again, new server, new guild, new toon...

...its time to get levelling.