Saturday, December 22, 2007

Movie Night: Shrek the Third

Movie night folks and once again I'm attempting to appeal to the wider market with a family special so today im throwing Shrek 3 into the mix.

If you don't know shrek then apparently you have been living under a rock so i wont go into details but King Harold has fallen deathly ill and his ogre son-in-law Shrek and daughter Fiona are next in line to be king and queen. Shrek declines, insisting that an ogre as king is a bad idea and that there has to be someone else for the job. With his final few breaths, the king tells Shrek that there is one other heir who can become the new King of Far Far Away: his nephew, Arthur. Shrek sets out to find this new king, along with Donkey and Puss in Boots. As they're sailing off, Fiona runs to the dock and announces to Shrek that she's pregnant. Shocked, Shrek begins to have nightmares about his future children on the journey to Worcestershire Academy, where they eventually discover that "Artie," who is an academy student, is a loser picked on by the other students - even the nerds. Artie is initially thrilled to be the new king, and excited to be on his way to the throne, until Donkey and Puss inadvertently scare him by talking about things like plague and famine. Panicked, Artie tries to take control of the ship and ends up crashing it on an island where they meet Artie's retired wizard teacher, Merlin.

Ok so thers the basics of the plot and only the beginning of the insanity, so sit down grab the popcprn and enjoy but don't forget that the links to parts 2-5 are on a hot button just below.

Peace and happy holidays!

Links to part 2-5

*hotlinks to Wikipedia for the hard of thinking have been added

Friday, December 21, 2007

Machima: Myndflame presents - Serious Buisness

Awesomeness has a name and its name is Myndflame with theis simply hilarious parody (special bonus if you can guess what movie its parodying) and its not only a great bit of new machima but a great way of saying 4 days to go!

Enjoy and don't forget to tune in tomorrow for movie night!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Daily Blogg: Gift to my readers!

As an old school comic book geek and a lover of free stuff I simply cannot think of a better way to say 5 DAYS TO CHRISTMAS! to all my readers than to give them free things.

So here we have it a free thing (that hopefully wont get me sued) from DC comics there much acclaimed elseworlds novel Superman Red Son, the book is basically about what would have happened to the DC universe if baby Kal-El had landed in soviet Russia instead of corn fed central America and how a simple twist of fate can change not only perspective but the whole face of the universe.

To read this frankly amazing Graphic novel (and believe me this is no comic book) you will need a CDR reader, thankfully I'm also offering a free download for that too so be shure to download that first.

Remember folks all links can (and will) be taken down upon request so please grab this as soon as you can and if you can please do yourself the personal favour of buying this amazing book form somewhere like or even ebay, as the only reason I'm even considering sullying such a masterwork is because of its rareity.
CDisplay Comic Reader
Elseworlds - Superman--Red Son.cbr

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

How To: The gift of more money in your pocket!

Crank Charge Your Batteries! - A funny movie is a click away

First off with the holidays almost upon us and as we know at this time of year battery's are a pain in the ass so how about we reuse and recycle a little, this way we may just have enough cash for the parts you need for these little toys!


DIY $5 Mini USB Fridge! - The funniest bloopers are right here


Headphone Hack! Make You Own Noise Eliminating Headset! - The best bloopers are here

And there you have it ladys and gents, my holiday gift to you this holiday season, for the price of a packet of Battery's i offer you two of the best things i have ever happened to have come across and build, for a person on the go you cant get any better but as small personalised gifts there realy is nothing quite like the personal touch.

Make em for a few bucks and add a little customisation and personality for your loved ones.

Happy holidays!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Daily Blogg: one week and counting

OK no mess no fuss today just a simple blogg to keep the Holiday spirit alive. Don't forget he sees you when your sleeping he knows when your awake he knows when you have been bad or good so for you sanity's sake make shure Cthulhu clause doesn't visit you this holiday season.

Don't forget tomorrow we have a holiday gift special How Too!

see you tomorrow!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Daily Blogg: Where did the weekend go?

OH NO! Monday has once again stalked me into a corner and is punishing me with all of its evil er mondayness...

...wait that isn't a word...

...dammit i cant even think properly on this the most loathsome of days, none the less another week has decided to rear its ugly head and has the eternal cheek to to bring with it the terrifying fact that Christmas is only eight days away!

so as this week is the last before the festival of turkey eating and family argument so i shall endeavor to give you a little gift of some type every single day.
With that in mind i have went out of my way to do a very special how too this week that if your even slightly technically minded you will have a very cool present for yourself or maby even as a gift for a loved one.

There will also be a reprisal of Cheat spot this week once again focusing on the much neglected XBOX community. Ok that's it for today with the exception of one minor thing...

... Happy Holiday's

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Daily Blogg: I Have a Dumb...

Aries Brain has failed to function as normally expected today and so is posting an online apology to anyone who happens to want to listen...


Normal service and insanity will resume sometime tomorrow when i realise i have less than one week left to grab all the rest of the seasonally related junk and presents for people who through the rest of the year i do everything in my power to avoid seeing let alone speaking too.

Consumerism and overdrawn bank accounts and credit cards FTW...