Saturday, February 14, 2009

Daily Blogg: I am ninja hear me pwn

Well im back, and i got my computer back YAY!!!
well kinda apparently i've been paying for this thing out of my wages for the last year and they are unable to keep it so under advice form a friend at work i turned up and requested my property back.

they were NOT happy, but complied with my request and graciously asked that i stay the hell out of there offices from now on and e-mail in my work in PDF and Rich Text format from now on....

....i dont care i have my computer back and by extension World of Warcraft. So im treating myself to a few hours play before attempting to deal with the whole hallmark holiday thing.

that delightful link brings me to the subject of the day, St Valentines day.

Yep i've been soliciting phat lewt and screwing with peoples sexuality in WoW again for it is that time of year. Rember folks nothing says i love you like a pile of gold and an epic mount in your postbox.

peace out, and rember the elf may be hot but make sure shes's not packing a one eyed serpent suprise in "her" pants BEFORE cyber sex!!!

now if you will excuse me im off to but on my best thong and /dance on a postbox, wish me luck
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