Saturday, August 2, 2008

Movie Night: Batman Dark Knight (2008)

Will i risk it? its only been out for a matter of days and i got hold of it, can i push the envelope of what Movie night can do?

Do i dare? Will i be insane enough to post the defining movie of 2008 scant days after its cinema release?

yea why the hell not mewhahahaha!!
so sit back grab your popcorn and relax as the legendary Aries Antics Movie Night presents to you...

Batman: Dark Knight.

you can thank me later for possibly the finest two hours and twenty five min's of your life.
preferably with pie and nice comments...

Now sadly due to the old links getting taken down you have to use the Divx link to watch but believe me its worth the install & load time for this level of quality.

DivX Player:


do not start the stream (press play) until the movie has buffered to at LEAST 3-5% unless you have a very high download speed (eg: a goddamn T1 line) or it will stop and start constantly.
Download Links:

Friday, August 1, 2008

Music: (James Blunt Parody) She Was Beautiful...I Swear

...well thats what i tell my parents, but none the less this is a pretty good parody folks so sit back and enjoy and try not to take it too seriously.

dont forget that this saturday i shall be resurrecting the long dead but much loved movie night presentation so point your browser this direction this weekend for a newly released movie here exclusivley on Aries Antics.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Virtual RAM

Hack PC Speed - The most popular videos are a click away

OK folks one for the relatively newer PC users in my audience or the few of you out there that simply have no clue how to activate & enhance your virtual RAM cache.

yes i know this is a cop out compared to my usual How Too's but its my first week back after my hiatus so cut me a little slack lol.

now if you will excuse me im off to play FF11.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

emo much?

Ah i do so love LICD its probably one of the best webcomics out there on the interwebs and this is why.
I mean how many people could get away with this? i mean how many times have you wanted to bitch slap the makeup of the little goth wannabe's (honestly i lost count) but this kinda summs up my personal feelings on the teenage wastes of space in one sub five min session.


Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Party Party Party!!!....

Now before i start i should say i'm still enjoying FF11 and in my humble opinion it is still one of the best MMO's presently in the world.

Now i know FF11 is a grindfest i know im not going to level very quickly and i know that the best way to level up is in a party and i know pretty much every player in the game knows this too... why in the name of all that's holy after spending the better part of three hours waiting on a party handing out a few heals and buffs to passers by and chatting to the rest of the link is it such a bloody chore when i get a party group?

I'll tell you....BAD PULLS!!

the very first thing i had to learn in the game was how to play my class, im a Red Mage and as such it is my job to stand back with the casters with wand in hand (O_o) and buff the party with heals while enfeebling the enemy and throwing a few elemental attacks to keep up the damage...

...not too hard... why if a relative nub like me can understand his party role is it so damn hard for people that have been playing the game for a while to do there's?
seriously as of yesterday i was almost Lv22 (less than 700xp) but due to a series of bad party's and worse pulls i ended up deleveling to 20 and struggling back to 21 instead. It may not be my place to complain but seriously WTH?

maby i was just spoiled by having such a good link and been lucky to get reasonable party's of late but the lack of good players at the 20-30 level is killing me.

oh well rant over.

Monday, July 28, 2008

My homecoming ''Kanye West''

This isnt much (awesome though this song is) its my way of saying its good to be home and how true it is that you simply dont know what you got till its gone.

god bless the filthy pustuleised vermin infested hole that is the internet, oh how i missed thee.

see y'all later

Sunday, July 27, 2008

GASP! another update...

Hello again peeps and peepetts! once more i grace your screens with updates and insanity, sadly i dont really have much to say but under the circumstances it think pretty much anything is better than nothing.
None the less its sunday and for the Suicide moogles its the day after the night before as they make there way back from York and once more settle down behind there computers and Xbox's and take controll of there FF11 avatars (as will i after finishing this update) and to them all i would like to say welcome back.

as for the rest of you i thought i shoud inform you that as long as this computer continues to function i shall be updateing the blog as per how it used to be with a triumverate of teriffic updates per week consisting of ''how too'', ''music for the masses'' & ''Movie night'' on tuesday thursday and saturday respectivly along side any of the more mundane update i feel like doing .

so untill then folks i shall leave you all to go game with the various peoples of the hades server

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