Saturday, November 8, 2008

Movie Night: Drillbit Taylor (2008)


ooh embedded goodness returns once again on Aries Antics Net Famous Movie Night (oh how i missed thee) just in time for some comedic gold.

On their first day of high school, two boys, Ryan and Wade, are embarrassed by the fact that they happen to wear the same shirt (yes seriously...i mean wtf?). Wade sticks up for a smaller fellow geek, Emmit Oosterhaus, who is being shoved into a locker by bullies Filkins and Ronnie. As a result the violent bullies Filkins and Ronnie terrorizes all three at every chance they get.

The trio complain to the principal, but their concerns fall upon deaf ears. Filkins is furious that the boys have squealed on him, and even chases them with a car, apparently to murder them. Wade suggests to his friends that they pool their money together to hire a bodyguard who can protect them. They place an ad on the Internet, and select Drillbit Taylor out of several candidates, mainly because he is the cheapest.

Lunacy ensues as the dumbfounded and frankly idiotic Drillbit attempts to teach them to be cool and defend themselves while at the same time utterly failing to guard them in any way shape or form.

This is a good old fashioned feel good movie with little to no fuss made while retaining a simplistic slapstick humorous bent through the entirety of the film.

ok folks you know the drill by now, grab your popcorn and dim the lights, Its movie magic time!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Music: An Oxhorn Brand Medely

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...that kinda says it all really. This is a wonderful little montage to insanity from my all time favorite machinima artist and fellow blogger Brandon Dennis (AKA Oxhorn) that one again i find myself humming randomly during the day and occasionally bursting out into full blown song in public.

Trust me just TRY to not sing the opening "roflmao". And rember folks as always there is a permanent link to Brandons Blogg in the "gods of the interwebs" section on the access bar oh so gracefully plastered down the right hand side of this very blogg.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

How too: Make and Use "soap" on your PC

yea i think its about time you all used some "SOAP"

"SOAP" is a 'non static location' universal user application control interface designed to replace clumsy mouse action inputs during presentations and allow freedom of movement for wider screen game apps as well as more precise movements and targeting in first person shooters as well as an alternate to mouse control on MMORPG's such as World of Warcraft & Final Fantasy 11.

Now i was lucky to have an old spare wireless mouse in the house when i discovered this project and have to say im somewhat impressed by the ease of use this mod offers in day to day gaming and work. However be well warned your hands WILL get tired with the constant movement and although it can offer very fast reactions in small scale movements such as targeting head shots in FPS games i found that wider scaled movements and strafing can become a tedious chore as the interface light that allows more dynamic targeting can end up being thrown off by the module covers stitching or even worse due to the turning nature of the unit facing the wrong direction!

One other point of interest is that occasionally you can end up with the module shifting in its "bag" or becoming unresponsive, liberal application and use of Velcro along the lower seem make changing battery's and restarting an unresponsive "SOAP" a breeze.

One last thing, rember you can remove the SOAP bag at any time and utilize the SOAP module as a normal mouse at any time.

Enjoy folks!

I made the smaller universal "SOAP" from a Tiny Brand micro mouse and a LYNX brand roll on deodorant bottle which i cut with a small hand saw and smoothed with some cheap sand paper while using green scouring pad material (with a little of the yellow sponge material left on) to bulk out the module and give a insulated and smooth seal to the inside of the old bottle then covered the whole thing with a white child's sock bought from a thrift store and some Velcro to seal the unit. Despite some easly rectified mirrored controlls (fixed in mouse settings) the device works perfectly.

Daily Blogg: Obama owns you ALL!!!!

Ok be warned this newscast IS a parody and running a little close to this side of tasteless buy goddamn its funny.
None the less congratulations to all of you in America on your votes for your very first African American President and i wish you all the luck and prosperity in the world with what is sure to be a nation wide and potentially world wide shift.

Then again with that said i cant help but feel that despite the color of the mans skin hes just another politician and therefore very little will change for your average American on the street.

who knows, after all he's a Democrat so you may get lucky.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Daily Blogg: Good Luck Voters

Well then its that time again all you American maniacs, Its time to vote yourselves a leader or as i like to call it "close your eyes and vote for the biggest idiot day" ...

...that is how Bush got elected isn't it?

None the less i wish you all the very very best as when you are sealed within the voting cubicle desperately attempting to rember which one of the two loons your voting for is the lesser evil and what there policy's happen to be please try not to screw the pooch and vote for something you do not believe in.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Daily Blogg: Meh and stuff

So anyway in case you didn't notice there was no movie last weekend, there is a really good reason for this...

...oh you wanna know what it is? oh ok, basically my uploader screwed the pooch with the new Bond Movie (Quantum of solace) and we ended up with a blurry blue screen instead of a movie thus the motivation poster as today's topic pic. see Carl i told ya I'd mock your failure now feel bad and apologize to the nice people.

Now due to way too much beer and an odd green liquid that made my eyeballs feel itchy i will not be posting any pics of the Halloween party until i get a chance to screen them properly...

...that is to say, until i get back to Belfast and retrieve my camera and jacket from wherever the hell i abandoned it in my inebriated state.

oh well i'll do all that later, none the less stay tuned for another week of my usualy stupidity

peace out