Saturday, December 8, 2007

Movie Night: Fred Claus

Part 1 of 4

Online Videos by

OK this is a special and i only just 5 mins ago got permission to post it, a special thanks go's to ChicoE for uploading this not once but TWICE to make shure if it got taken down we had a backup.
Sorry about that lateness but our various upload sites took a baseball bat to your ever suffering testicles, none the less we came through and as i said its something special.

I'm not going into the plot as it will spoil it but as always links for part 2-4 ate on
enjoy and goodnight.


Friday, December 7, 2007

Daily Blogg: Lazy lazy day...

Today I'm just kicking back and being a lazy lazy bastich...

...what can i say I've had a hard week...

...OK fine ill blogg something, as of today my chrimbo shopping is finally triumphantly OVER!

Yes I'm happy about that and since I'm the one blogging this while sitting on my newly acquired "writing chair" I'm feeling somewhat comfortable too, this means the the lazy boy is getting a rest from my firmly toned ass...

...i miss my mini fridge though but meh we all make sacrifices for job efficiency *cough*
Today's blogg was supposed to be on a recent rumour form Blizzard but unfortunately I have yet to confirm any details and am at this time unable to post it, but tune in on Sunday and I should be able to spill Blizz's beans.

OK that's pretty much it folks but don't forget to look in tomorrow for movie night as tomorrow I'm pulling out all the stops for something special.

see ya tomorrow!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

How To: Fix a Broken Laptop Battery

Laptop Battery Hack! Don't Buy A New One! - More amazing videos are a click away

Very special How too this week especially dedicated to my friend Bryan...
Last night the lucky bastich got a free laptop but unfortunately the battery was dead, so i delved into my archive and found this for him...

WARNING: this is FAR from easy and just a bit dangerous but so worth it in the long run, just be carefull wear gloves and goggles and you should be fine.

Bryan i wish you the very best of luck with your acquisition and hope you can get back to Dominion WoW where you belong.
Regular How too's will continue this time next week!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Daily Blogg: Aries Reborn

Yesterday around 6pm GMT i received a rather odd private message from one of the Dominion WoW Admin staff (Auch) saying he wanted to speak to me...

...much pooping myself later and after being wound up by my friends regarding abuse and exploitation of in game weapons and equipment (warlock DPS bugg my bum) leading me to believe i was getting my ass kicked, about 3 hours later I finally got to talk to Auch (Mike) on MSN...

After a little beating about the bush and Auch having a little fun with me too i was invited to once more take up the mantle of on Dominion WoW.

So hail to the king baby! I'm back. Now I'm off to get my hands dirty...


Monday, December 3, 2007

Daily Blogg: Is it STILL monday?

Well its once again the most loathsome day the longest possible point between one weekend and another...

...but as always it means a whole new week of fun and games here on AriesAntics, for those of you that haven't noticed the iPod looking greenery on the side of the blogg then your apparently not paying enough attention, now go play the vox blogg and listen to my inane mutterings about whats happening this week.

I Will attempt to update this on the days i don't blogg in text (so Tuesdays & Sundays then) or when it would be faster just to blurt into my mic rather than attempting to articulate my thoughts into a coherent rant.

ok you know the drill by now, and if not its on the voice blogg so ill catch you all later.