Saturday, September 27, 2008

Movie Night: Ironman (2008)

Ok its that time of week again and this week its Ironman (2008). If you dont know the story already then i suggest you go to Wikipedia because frankly i have no intention of ruining the entire movie by a synopsis on the subject matter.

Hit the link, start it playing and press pause to let it boot, grab the popcorn & sit yer rump down because this ones a corker!

I will try to keep an updated functional link for as long as possible but i strongly suggest you download it using the links.

see you later folks!


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Daily Blogg: Halloween preperation

Halloween is a coming and with a little more than four weeks and im dedicating the next few weeks ''How Too'' sections to the creating and modifying of various costumes for this most unusual of holidays.

Oh and on that note can you guess who im going to be this year?

now if you will excuse me i need a little...

...wait what! why has the Rum gone?

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Daily Blogg: Delayed again....sorry

Movie night is delayed again so you can watch this instead, this unusual and eclectic mix of classic story telling and modern mix techniques carry's a flavor all its own and i for one feel a little privileged to to have stumbled across it.

Now i know that the story of Alice in wonderland is a opiate fueled stoners trip through the mind of a contemporary genius but he did write it for a little girl he knew called named Alice Liddell so i guess that makes it all ok...

none the less its a great tune and has a sweetness and symphony that feeds well into the world it has been taken from and well worth a listen.

Oh and dont forget it can be downloaded from for your listining pleasure for the grand price of zero pounds sterling.
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