Sunday, April 6, 2008

Daily Blogg: I haz a Halo pride!

So yea I was playing Halo3 on XBL it was double experience weekend & Griffball for the masses, how could I refuse? But after an hour or so i got a little bored and decided to hit the forums on my Piece of crap PC and check on my profile...

...after a short period of time i came across a thread titled "MLG cheats and Hackers" (or something to that effect) and decided to have a trademark rant on the subject, after much editing and a few reply's i got this wonderful reply from "sir killalot33" who after a rapid look at my profile seemed compelled to edit his post accordingly before i could compose an appropriate reply.

I was a somewhat chuffed at the rapid edit and (in later posts) apology for his blatant underestimating of the various posting gamers in that thread.
Just go's to show, the more you know the less of an idiot you look when you post.

Remember Kids practice safe forum flaming, after all you may get STD's or Stupid Twat Dissertation...

...and trust me, you dont want that.