Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Daily Blogg: Bye Bye Nyhm, you will be missed

This is the end of an era, Nyhm a warlock of massive Pwnage formally playing on the Alleria server (US) and master of machinima AKA YouTube's:
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Has Quit...

Sadly this much acclaimed machinima artist and parody songwriter has for personal reasons been forced to quit the game and by extension making warcraft machinima for as yet undisclosed personal reasons. I know i speak for a lot of the community when as i bid farewell i wish him the very best of luck in all he does and hope that one day he will return to us in all his demoniacally garbed glory.

However Nyhm has not abandoned us completely as he passes the torch on to the much loved Gigi and the Druidboys to carry on the dream and the music.

So for your delectation i proudly present Nyhms swansong "Pwnage like us" enjoy.

How Too: Getto talk box

This is a how too for all you musicians with a fetish for the more unusual forms of twisting sound to your insane desires.

This is a $6 special so even if your just using it to mess around or to make an intro for your podcast etc. its well worth the time and effort to throw one together.

The video says it all folks so enjoy and be careful.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Daily Blogg: Yet another new computer

Yea i decided not to swing the lead anymore and actually pay for a new system. i know i know its a little scruffy but to be honest it works its shiny and i really don't care.

so again for those who asked or those who care...there it is.

Now if you look closely on the right you will see a shiny hot brew of Asian origin with cow juice in it and i'm off to drink it and play some Warcraft with the Tea Party.

peace and i'll get on with a real Blog entry tomorrow.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Daily Blogg: Utterly Brilliant

Oh yes its back, my icckle podcast has returned. For those of you too new to remember "Aries Utters" the entire show list is within the little green ipod looking thing in the sidebar for your enjoyment as well as this weeks update.

The show covers whats happening quite quickly (in a little under two minuets to be exact) whats been going on and what the hell is going on with the blogg.

This will be a Bi-weekly affair and should give you a easy to use system for keeping up to dat with what im doing for you all in terms of features as well as shout outs to my fellow guildies and readers.

thats it, the cast awaits....what are you still reading?