Thursday, December 3, 2009

Daily Blogg: Botters beware

Well i guess it had to happen eventually, after all "Aries Antics" has been around for a few years now and we are rapidly approaching the half million views mark so i guess a few bots were bound to pop up.

I have to say that although i notice and kill all of there posts im still not exactly happy with being spammed and as for the shady business of posting new advertising comments on my archives I should warn any potential advertisement spammers that i always keep my iPhone on me and have a real time update set for all posts made despite there source.

With this in mind i have began ISP blocking any spam I locate. I generally choose not to do this due to the rather aggressive and widespread nature of the IP blocker but as many long term readers already know this is not the first time i have been forced into this and should it continue there are "other" methods to deal with viral marketing on private projects such as my own.

...I just hope you have a really good firewall and spam filter...


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Daily Blogg: probably gonna' get sued...

Ok look im not a bad guy and i really REALLY dont want to be raked over the coals but considering you have to still have to pay for your CD key in order to play the whole game i cant see what the difference between downloading the full WoTLK (US) version and downloading the free trial version other than file size...

...seriously though this is for all my comrades over on a "certain" podcast and US guild that for blatantly obvious reasons i wont name here for fear that i would sully there good name and guild reputation.

Rapidshare link:

Zip link:

#1.To use the link provided you WILL have to sign up to the forum
#2. This the FULL World of Warcraft package, you need no additional software.
#3. For the best possible experience with this download and unzip the file and BURN TO A DVD
then delete form your system.

ok last bit...

create an account here:

Use details generated here:

Upgrade your account after 10 days here:

or simply upgrade your account in the account management section.
ok thats it folks of the EU see you in the US realms