Friday, November 2, 2007

Movie/Toon night: Roberto's Halloween Special

Given that Halloween was this week the machima artist's of have been up to there usual insanities and come together off there various personal projects to produce this stonking machima that hopefully makes up for my somewhat erratic updates this week...

...regular service WILL resume next week when I'm not dealing with random kiddies turning up at my door with some quite unique threats of violence demanding candy...

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

How To: Hide your WIFI signal from sniffers

Hide Your Wireless Network - The top video clips of the week are here

Many people like myself use WIFI to surf, the feeling of being able to sit anywhere in your home and surf through the Internet away from the noise of room mates or stream a movie while you relax in bed is a huge boon.
Then you realise that your offering up free Internet connections for your neighbours and your bandwidth is suddenly sapped by leeching vermin...
Your first step should always be to limit access with a password to your network, If you don't then frankly you deserve to be leeched off.

Ok so now only those people you want to be on your network can be on your network...or so you think...sniffers have a myriad of different cracking software to beat your password... so its time to follow the video and take make your Internet your own again.

good luck with this guys, it is reasonably simple and can and will save your bandwidth and speed up your downloads.

OK I'm done watch the vid and I'll see ya later!

NOTE: ok now some people may have trouble logging onto there router manually in order to effect changes, if you have your install disc for your router use that to access your router IP and control system as this is the safest and easiest way to modify your settings.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Daily Blog: Beer make brain thing no work...

For those of you who check the blog daily (thanks guys) you may have noticed that there was no blog yesterday...

...yea sorry about that...

Beer does weird things, especially at Birthday party's, what can i say free beer makes me a very happy bunny and now if i can just find my pants I'll be on my way thankyouverymuch...

On the upside i did come across a few weird and wonderful oddities on the Internet while i nursed the mother of all hangovers that i will (as always) be publishing them over the period of the week.

Tune in tomorrow when the taste of second hand beer and day old pizza Finlay leaves the furry pink carpet that is my tongue when i will present this weeks "How To" ...

now if you excuse me the siren song of sleep calls me to my comfy bed...

...night night

Sunday, October 28, 2007

World of Warcraft: The Atlas!

Now i dont know about you but after 2.5 years in Azeroth i honestly thought i'd seen everything i could ever want to see...and many things that quite frankly i dont think i ever want to see again, but for those of you that havent been on the world wide trek around some of the more "unusual" locations of the world of warcraft Blizzared have finaly released there WoW world Atlas.

The atlas is created as an interactive flash and despite a truly epic load time it turns out to be not only fairly entertaining but has actualy peaked my intrest in a few odd places that to date i havent visited or simply didnt know about!

So ots time to put on your exploring pants and Boots of Treking and get on the trail.

WoW -> Info -> World Map
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