Saturday, December 12, 2009

...and thats when I found out all female trolls are double jointed and have almost no real gag reflex, rather fascinating really.

Day 5: A shaman in wolfs clothing

Leaving the confines of the Burning blades sinister clutches I made my final report to the Warchief, With there leaders gone and with no real links to ether the Legion itself or the sinister Shadow council the Buring Blade fell to ruin.
The Warchief seemed well pleased by my actions and granted me a true mark of honour by bestowing on me the Hammer of Orgrimmar and instructing his shaman traiers to teach me the ancient gift of the Frostwolf clan...

...the ability to transform myself into a being of pure spiritual energy and mold it to the clans totem, the eternal Frost wolf.

There are however some issues with being in that form for any length of time that may explain why we Shaman despite our comune with the elements are not particularly welcome in Winterspring...

...wisps are just so much fun to chase!


Daily Blogg: 50k Hits and counting

So you lot Finally did it, you pushed my hit counter over the fifty thousand mark!
part of me is impressed while at the same time horrified that anyone could be so interested in my inane ramblings that you would consider hitting my little blog on a near daily basis.

To all of you I would just like to say a massive thank you for your support and hope you will continue to follow me for another 50k and beyond.

Friday, December 11, 2009

A peons Journey: A pup named Corey

Day 3: Adapted to Adoption

A shaman is asked to do many things that others would deem offensive or even undignified, such as laying out the dead, resurrections, conversing with the sick and the sick of mind.
I had not however prepared myself to fulfil my duty to the Horde in the way my Warchief had requested.
I was asked to steal, lie, and infiltrate my way into the seedy underbelly of a cult known as the Burning Blade. The Demon worshipping filth have secreted themselves in the caverns surrounding and under the city of Orgrimmar in the Rage fire Chasm, it was my job, my duty to find my way into the confidence of these cultists and seek out there leaders...

...and destroy them.

Donning the garb of the cult and acquiring a token of membership of there order was surprisingly easy but portraying myself as a Warlock proved harder. All Warlocks no matter there rank have with them a demonic minion of great power linking there will to that of the Burning Legion, i am a skilled magic user and my gifts lend well to passing as one of them but my lack of familiar would mark me apart quite distinctly.
To better conceal myself I found myself seeking out the famed pet vendor known as Breanni.
After negotiations and validation of my intent and a letter of authentication she sent me her most demonic looking pet a core hound pup known simply as Corey.
The young animal suits his assigned role well and is surprisingly friendly despite his rather vicious appearance and thanks to his acceptance of me as his master I found infiltrating the Burning Blade exceptionally easy.

I have however encountered one rather unfortunate problem that Breanni failed to inform me of...

...Core Hound poop tends to be a tad toxic, and molten, and er...well...i may not be able to return to several Inn's in Orgrimmar due to scorched floorboards & bed linen.

also several scorched and terrified cats, mounts and local guards in the city centre may be my fault...

Daily Blogg: Krick in the Back

As many of you know i am presently "less able" than most due to a long term back injury i sustained in a motorcycle accident a few years back.

Today i stupidly got into a conversation with a friend of mine in the street on the fascinating and wide reaching subject of the Starwars extended universe...

....for three and a half hours....

...standing up...

...and now im suffering in quite a huge way.
I regret nothing as the conversation was riveting, but the moment my pain killers wore off all hell broke loose and it felt like most of it decided to stick its pitchforks into my poor suffering ass on the way past.

So now I lay prone on a sturdy padded plank wishing nothing but the tender care of a hundred thousand demons on the gent that ran his piece of shit car into my back end all those years ago.

oh well i suffer on...

...time for a wow update

Thursday, December 10, 2009

A peons Journey: Trolls and Tribulations

Day 2: Trolls and Tribulations

I have completed my basic training in the arts of my forefathers, i now wield the power of the earth herself. With the elements at my side and an earth totem at my feet I have been tasked to travel to the makeshift home of the Darkspear Trolls a place by the coast in southern Durotar called Sen'jin village.
It seems they are having some trouble with some of there more barbaric cousins to the south and a property dispute with some centaur to the west, it seems it is time for some totemic diplomacy... so far as that if they choose to be undiplomatic I will be forced to insert my totem in there nether regions violently with my hammer.

I cant help but think that some of the villagers may be taking advantage of my good nature, i mean i understand that there having difficulty but asking me to go fishing for them is a bit beyond what i am willing to stoop to...

...pity about all the damn tigers attempting to eat me.

A Peons Journey: New feature

Ok new feature time.

As of today i have left my old server Surafang (EU) behind and set my sights on the sunny shores of Earthen Ring (US) in order to level a shammy and hopefully join the world record breaking guild A.I.E (

A peons Journey is an exercise in Role Play and will almost entirely be in character from the perspective of my Orc Shaman Ariies.
This feature will be erratic at best but i hope you enjoy it. ok here we go...

Day One: A journey begins

I write this journal in hopes that my words will someday free the imaginations of those who follow in my wake down the difficult and dangerous path known as the way of the elements. We shaman must take our cues from the land itself wield that power with wisdom and courage and balance that which is unjust or corrupt with our every deed. I swear by the clan of my fathers i will do so with the dignity it deserves FOR THE HORDE!

...however i have found that wearing leather in the Durodar heat can cause some unfortunate chafing, i shall speak with my elders and see if they have a solution for this most embarrassing problem.

~Ariies of the Frostwolf clan

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Daily Blogg: Pre Crimbo Clean up

First Sunday of the month prior to Christmas means massive clean and tidy up day for me.
Not really that much fun but there comes a time when every nook and cranny must be scrubbed all the tat i have accumulated since spring must be thrown away or given to charity.

fun and games im sure you would agree but every now and then i come across something that i really though i had thrown away/lost/broken etc. and to my surprise is still usable or could be useful to me in some way.

Thus far during my clean up i have found:

* My old ipod nano
* The Driver CD's for my old laptop
* My old wallet (with £5 UK and $20 Canadian in the back of it)
* My Gameboy advance & games
* A pack of 40 AA battery's
* The car adaptor for my Mini Fridge
* 3 generic USB sticks
* 2 USB MP3 players (no idea where they came from)
* about £12 in copper coins and other loose change
* the spare battery & sim card from my old Nokia
* and pens of every colour shape and variety you could think of.

This is not to mention the things i was actually looking for such as old school books and demo discs and media discs from old reviews, a few USB extension cables and some previously lost PSP games and memory stick's.

All in all not a bad clean up and its only mid day. I haven't even begun to clean out my computer parts case and shelfs so who knows what treasures i may yet find.

oh well better get back to it, later folks!
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