Wednesday, October 24, 2007

How To: Super Charge your PC

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Yea I'm sick of seeing perfectly good computers that SHOULD be able to run some of the best games out there struggle and splutter because people have NO GODDAMN CLUE how to get the best out of there system!

Put it this way i try to optimise my system about once a month and with a few minor exceptions *cough* I've had little or no trouble with my system to date that didn't result from my own idiocy.

Make Your Computer Faster PART 2 - Click here for more free videos

Yea i realise im treating you like a tech idiot but there are a few people out there that read this Blog that honestly have no goddamn clue...

...ok if you have followed the 1st and/or second videos and your computer is still slow...then your system sucks...up-grade...and soon

However if you still wanna tweak or you simply have to see it done again...

How To Make Your Computer A MEANMACHINE For Free! | PART I - The funniest home videos are here

Now you have no damn excuse, get to it and clean up your PC and then maby your computer wont struggle with all the "exotic" jpg's...

...than again 20gig of "art" would slow down anybodys yourself some DVDR and burn it ya pervert!

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