Monday, November 26, 2007

Daily Blogg: Yet another Monday

Damn you Monday you just keep coming back, bur i suppose with each week you return you bring me yet more opportunity's to frustrate the universe in my own very special way.

This week however it seems i actually have something interesting to report!
As an old school comic geek in every possible way and a dedicated warcrack addict the idea of a published "official" WoW comic book kind of appeals in a number of different ways.

It seems Wildstorm (an offshoot of DC comics) has got together with Blizzard and utilising there lore has decided to expand the WoW lore in a more "publicly available" way in the form of a series of graphic novels in preparation for the launch of Blizz's latest expansion Wrath of the lich king, in hopes of adding a graphical style that ties the game and comic together may of the artists have been in game on as yet undisclosed (US) retail servers in order to get a feel for the "dynamic" of the game and get a look at the various stages of armour & equipment so that the gear represented in the comic fits the level and class of the characters portrayed,Rumour even has it that they have accessed the loot tables on Thottbot and have geared the characters in appropriate drops for there in comic location and that the various connections that the writers and artists have made in game in the form of PUG's and guild members may influence some of the third tier protagonist's and contacts (in the form of background characters in towns and random encounters) may well make it into the finished comic.

suffused to say I'm relay rather interested in this and will be looking forward to this in the future.


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