Saturday, December 19, 2009

Daily Blogg: Chrimbo week!

So here i am in full festive (look i dont photograph well ok) just to tell you all what will be happening this week on Aries Antics.

How Too:
The season comes alive with a very very special Christmas edition of How too! who know it may even be something that you could make and give away like last years mini fridge.

Movie Night:
Christmas eve wouldn't be the same without a chrimbo movie, be prepared for a seasonally apt film presentation.

Aries Free Fan gift:
Last year i gave you a graphic novel and this year will be no different, so prep your .cbr readers because this year its gonna be a doozey.

SO if you will forgive the somewhat less than angelic looking idiot above I will wish you all seasons greetings and hope you enjoy the festivities!

oh and if you dont know who this is.....i suggest you start reading Green Lantern...

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

How Too: Box clever

Well its time for my Christmas how to run down and this week its all about packaging.

I always have a hard time when it comes to packaging small gifts such as USB sticks, jewelry, small toys or gadgets etc.
then i came across this wonderful little piece of paper craft. Now i should say that this little project is a tad on the tough side but if you slow down the video a little and follow the stages carefully it can make an amazing gift box for friends and family.
For a somewhat larger box you can use stiff card at A3 size (or larger) and it should be able to contain pretty much any item you wish to put in it but as the size scales you will have to use heaver gauge card in order for it to be stable.

once the Box is complete simply screw up some tissue paper and wrap the ball of paper in a second skin of tissue in order to make a perfect pillow for your gift to sit upon.
Don't forget that you can also experiment with different coloured paper and patterns to really set your gift off then add a small ribon to hold the lid on and just like that you have a truly spectacular home made and very personal gift to put under the tree.

remember the gift counts but when your loved ones see the effort and care you have put into the packaging dont be surprised if they decide to keep the box too.

next week i will be doing a very very special How Too! as well as my annual Christmas gift to my readers, tune in then for more fun and games!

peace folks, and enjoy your holidays

Monday, December 14, 2009

A peons Journey: Dreaming in green

Day 6: Lost to a dream

I will be frank when i say i was far from happy to be venturing into the slumbering feral depths of the Wailing caverns, even less so in finding out that to perform this task i would be forced to group up with random strangers whose intentions seemed only to pillage this place of reflective slumber and feral druidism.
Regardless with the warped heads of the druid order put to rest and the beast within defeated i made my way back to Orgrimmar proud in the knowledge that i had fulfilled my duty to the best of my ability.
As i entered the city i was approached by a guard with a loosely bound letter from the local riding instructor who was apparently having some difficulty with one of his adolescent pups.
Seeing such a magnificent beast for the first time was nothing short of love at first sight but i became instantly aware of the poor creatures turmoil.
The emerald glow in his eyes signified Fel magic contamination somewhat similar to that of the eyes Blood Elfs and our own green skin, i had no choice i had to have him as my mount from that moment on.
Paying the riding instructor and stable master a nominal fee i took possession of the Dire Wolf who i have taken to calling Ash due to the remarkable colouration of his fur, for his first taste of freedom.

He is as swift as the wind and seems to have taken quite a liking to my core hound pup...

...i pray to the spirits of our ancestors that it is simply the pups playful nature and not anything else as cross breeding would be more than a little difficult to deal with especially when you consider both animals are male.

oh not again! ASH NO! BAD WOLF!!!

*yelp of pain*

see..i told you...i'll go get the burn salve...silly pup