Friday, April 17, 2009

Daily Blogg: I R Officer

So yet again i have been neglecting my blog in order to feed my warcraft addiction. But it seems it has once again payed off as I an an officer in not one but two guilds!!!

My Mage Malaus has been promoted to Warlord in the Blessed guild and once again i'm placed in a point of authority in order to assist my peers. As always my little huntard remains firmly ensconced in Totem Tea Party helping to level nubs and have a laugh with engineering toys and trinks.

So why an i telling you all this? well as you know when i start raiding (and i assure you i WILL be raiding) updates will be mostly along the lines of "today we took down (insert boss here) and i got my (insert epic toy here)" during raid days.

I will be updating with my usual bits and pieces such as How too and once again i am in negotiations with to get movies night back on the blog legally.

so till next time, peace out.

BTW: isnt the little girl in the picture cute! dawww so sweet...FOR THE HORDE!!!