Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Daily Blogg: No internet and no phone make Alan something something...

Six goddamn days! SIX GODDAMN DAYS!!


Six days without a phone or internet has left me somewhat shaken and more than a little peeved with British Telecom to say the least.
I mean i understand that a nationwide service restart will always have hickups, and i understand that Northern Ireland is a relatively low priority when you consider London was cut off for three days during this "routine maintenance" but to be left for the better part of a week unable to communicate to the world when you work from home regularly is oh so much more than a kick in the pants that it staggers belief.

Over the last six days I have managed to loose no less than three closed timescale freelance jobs, I almost lost my damn job and worst of all I MISSED A RAID!
Ok perhaps priority's a little screwed up there but you know what i mean. This is truly unacceptable as far as customer service go's and to be frank i'm appalled that a service that i pay a premium for can be so easily put on the back burner for so long.

Now as all of you know i'm an equal opportunity asshole, to me everyone can be a tool regardless of race gender or creed...

...but i swear to whatever god you happen to believe in that if i am forced to attempt basic communications with a non EU non english speaking Indian national regarding tech support ever EVER again i think i may just have to go postal on some poor b*stard.

In short "Bangladesh Telecom" can bite my shapely pink ass! I will be changing service to another company as soon as my contract with those work shy idiots in the new Deli sweat shop that they have outsourced to is up.

screw you BT screw you within an inch of your idiotic lives!!!