Monday, December 24, 2007

Daily Blogg: Gift to my readers part 2

Aww did you think i had forgot about you all?
no sorry no such luck peeps but this is the last prezzie this year, but because i care what my readers want I'm posting another comic milestone.

The age of wonder is another Elseworlds novel setting our favorite hero's against an unusual backdrop that is distantly different yet strangely close to the one we know. After all what difference can one man make? well of hes from Krypton and arrives on earth a few (dozen) years too early how would this have effected those around him?

As always get it while you can because if i am asked by the powers that be to remove it then I'm afraid it has to go.

Happy holidays readers!

Part 1 of 2
Part 2 of 2


DoveAlexa said...

Yay! Thank you Aries! I shall download it post haste!

Note: Lex Luthor is a whiny little bitch.

Aries said...

very true, funny what happens to him though, athough im shure he dosent think so lol

DoveAlexa said...

Hehehe, I shall laugh hard when I see it. One book done, and I want to read the second now but I shall hold off.

Question: is the green lantern always a double-crosser? He seemed a bit of one in Red Son, and he did it here. Or is he just always ending up getting in Superman's eye? I don't like him //pouts, phewy.

Lex luthor is such a bastard for other reasons too, Superman has just been killed (so far as we know, lol) and he tries to snap off Lois already! I hope she shuts him down in a very humiliating way.

Course, seeing how stupid she is, I'll open the next book seeing her humping his brains out :P.

//masses of huggles, again, for you, Aries. ^^

Aries said...

/huggles back

But as for GL and all the other members of the Green lantern Corp's there chosen for there ability to "overcome great fear" there gifts dont lie in the ring but in the will power behind it, strong willed people tend to butt heads regularly, especialy with atority figures and for all intents Superman is the ultimate athority figure to butt heads against.
Add to this that you have to rember this is a guy wearing a ring, just an ordanary bloke walking amoung gods, that can put a chip on your sholder even when your wearing the universe's most powerfull weapon on your finger, he expects to see the worst hes a cop, a superpowered space cop but a cop none the less and that brings a level of suspision on everybody.

these factors combined means that the GLC and superman's unique managment style often dont see eye to eye...athough not half as often as they do with batman.

DoveAlexa said...

Well, batman is a control freak...

Anyways, I feel better about GL now.

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