Sunday, September 19, 2010

Daily Blogg: Been a while aint it?

What can i say about BT that hasn't already been said?

....nope....nothing come to mind....

...The failure of there customer service is surprisingly well documented in this blog and i have no desire to continue lambasting them in an open forum.
I will however say that customer care has been less than stellar yet again and i am in no mood to continue speaking about it.

now onto other news, First i would like to say a HUGE congratulations to Alan and Andrea on the birth of there lovely daughter who no doubt will now be wearing a Ewok costume and wielding a itty bitty lightsaber mush to the pleasure and cooing of her proud parents.

sadly the last few weeks have also been tinted with tragedy as another close friend of mine due to all out medical incompetence lost her own child while at the Ulster Hospital. Helen and Billy you have my heartfelt commiserations and you know ill do whatever i can to make this is easy as possible on you both.

so yea things have been a tad busy... took a back seat, judge me harshly if you will but real life has to take the drivers seat at times like this.