Friday, November 23, 2007

Daily Blogg: Blizzard Bitchslap 2.3

Well congratufuckinglations Blizzard, you finally done it, you created a patch so damn buggy and full of glitches & core errors that many long term members of the the Accent Warcraft emulation community are almost ready to call it quits...

With the latest patch designed to bring us a whole new expanded instance and a whole host of new features (in an AQ style mega patch) offering a super seeded up option for leveling from 1-60 solo and new quest packs and toys to play with...
...sadly this means the Accent team have a whole new level of problems with which to contend.
As i am no longer a GM and have nothing but the best interests of my fellow gamers at heart i have got to say OMGWTF Accent get a f**king grip on your code! i know that a patch like this is a bitch slap and that in the states its thanks giving but FFS guys get on the damn ball! Im not asking for a miracle here but come on! skills that at least pretend to work would be nice.

ok enough realise that the very fact that the accent emulator works is nothing short of amazing but don't you think that maby telling us to feel free to update to the new patch with promises that"all features will function with 99% compatibility and functionality" is a tad misleading?

Those of us that "prefer" to play on emulation servers for various reasons, and those brave few who happen to Host and run Accent servers for our little community who have "continued to remain within the constraints of Accents teams coding" expected that by doing so that we would have "more reliable gaming" as a result, apparently however we have once again given up a comparatively reliable system for a glitched and in some cases nonfunctional update in the hope that given enough time Accent will fix the buggs and let us play the damn game. least until the next patch... *sigh*

oh well you get what you pay for i suppose....but it dosent mean we have to like it

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