Saturday, February 13, 2010

Daily Blogg: Captains Log

So in order to fend off Warcrack addiction i have surrendered myself to a nice big 30 day trial of the Star Trek MMO courtesy of the same nice people that let me play the Beta last month.

a very quick review will be forthcoming on this game as soon as humanly possible with my recommendations published here on Aries Antics as soon as i get a chance to poke around with the finished game rather than teh last stage test realm.

So what does this mean for my WoW account and characters? well dont panic im still going to be playing them, but not just at the moment. As a guildless (more or less) player i know i will never see end game content and to be honest the in game holidays after three years hold very little interest for me so as a clever gamer im taking a break so that when the new expansion comes to fruition i will be coming back in reasonably high end gear and able to see the game as fresh rather than just another drag through dead content.

Now if you will excuse me im off to play in the final fronter with a load of obsessive fan boys and geeks much like myself.