Monday, September 7, 2009

Daily Blogg: Well aint that a kick in the teeth...

The battle with BT continues... appears im not exactly winning. For all intents and reasons beyond my control the indian chappys at "British Telecom" have somehow magically come to the conclusion that "up to 8MBps" is the same as saying "tough shit you can only have 4-6MBps and you can keep paying for the 8MBps service and like it!" despite my local service provider has my line speed clocked at a whopping 20MBps and the fact that i can throw quite a sizable stone and hit my local exchange, meaning that my line speed should be in the region of 16-20MBps with little or no line lag.

A complaint has been made, fuck em i want what the hell im paying for.

this deos however mean that until this is resolved im stuck to 4-6MBps Broadband, more than enough to play MMO's and browse comfortably but it still not what i am paying for...

more info as i get it.
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