Monday, May 4, 2009

Daily Blogg: Narwhals are awesome

copy pasta this link now... im not going to explain....just enjoy the insanity

to say i'm busy is something of an understatement, and oddly its nothing to do with MMO's or Warcraft in general. May rush has happened in the gaming community as this is generally the time we start seeing this summers hot new releases come in for previews and company's asking for tweaks or changes to previously completed advertising work.

so yea im up to my emerald green ass in paperwork so dont expect anyting amazing for a couple of weeks while i try to pull this around.

oh and yes i know its a Sunday, and yes im at work, and sucks.

oh well such is life, catch you all later.

narwhals, narwhals, swimin' in the ocean, makin' a commotion coz' they are so awesome....
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