Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Advertisement:Toon struck (for Vathos)

I know NOTHING about this game but i wont let that stop me advertising it.
According to a very good friend of mine its all good and he has this to say:

"My favourite ever game Toonstruck. The creators of the game are making number 2 but in order to do so they need "tremendous fan support" and they need this petition fulfilled. "

apparently they want part two finished...y'know...sometime

link here:

so if you have 5 mins to spare, throw them a bone.

and if you wanna actually PLAY the game first:

Download here:

peace! and sorry it took so long buddy

Monday, November 22, 2010

How Too: ok its been a while

For those of you keeping track i've been AFK for almost 4 weeks, the reason is we have just had a new addition to the family and this have been sleep deprived and exhausted.
But im back and thats what matters. BTW yes i am aware that my autpo poster took a dump again and am making efforts to fix it as we speak.

None the less i'm back in time for Azeroth to go to hell and due to the world ending (as we know it) i had a bit of a nostalgia well up over the old world and thought i should share it.

but as i said, i've been away...

...so i guess i had better come up with something amazing...

...how about your own World of warcraft server to play with?

...how about a sandbox server based on the ORIGINAL Alpha build?

...how about i make it under 4 gig?

...how about i shut up and post the links?





its this simple, make a Filefront account, download the zips and unzip em, follow the handy read me and go see what wow looked like prior to release!

be warned this is a ONE MAN SANDBOX!
-you cannot spawn anything
-you cannot engage in combat

to bring up the GM console press the "@" button (UK keyboard)

the commands available are

- speed ## (max 59)
- swimspeed ## (max 59)

er enjoy your new toy!!