Wednesday, December 19, 2007

How To: The gift of more money in your pocket!

Crank Charge Your Batteries! - A funny movie is a click away

First off with the holidays almost upon us and as we know at this time of year battery's are a pain in the ass so how about we reuse and recycle a little, this way we may just have enough cash for the parts you need for these little toys!


DIY $5 Mini USB Fridge! - The funniest bloopers are right here


Headphone Hack! Make You Own Noise Eliminating Headset! - The best bloopers are here

And there you have it ladys and gents, my holiday gift to you this holiday season, for the price of a packet of Battery's i offer you two of the best things i have ever happened to have come across and build, for a person on the go you cant get any better but as small personalised gifts there realy is nothing quite like the personal touch.

Make em for a few bucks and add a little customisation and personality for your loved ones.

Happy holidays!


Kidkidd said...

That's sick! i want that mini fridge NOW, im sending the vid to my dad with a /wink lol

Aries said...

With a little effort i would suggest boxing the base unit too with a little pading and some feet for air circulation & to keep it off your worktop as it can burn it.

Oh a little FYI if you turn the unit upside down it can be used to keep coffee or tea (or any warm drink) warm too!

on that note give the sound dampening eadphones a shot too, they realy are superior to almost anything on the market ATM

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