Thursday, December 20, 2007

Daily Blogg: Gift to my readers!

As an old school comic book geek and a lover of free stuff I simply cannot think of a better way to say 5 DAYS TO CHRISTMAS! to all my readers than to give them free things.

So here we have it a free thing (that hopefully wont get me sued) from DC comics there much acclaimed elseworlds novel Superman Red Son, the book is basically about what would have happened to the DC universe if baby Kal-El had landed in soviet Russia instead of corn fed central America and how a simple twist of fate can change not only perspective but the whole face of the universe.

To read this frankly amazing Graphic novel (and believe me this is no comic book) you will need a CDR reader, thankfully I'm also offering a free download for that too so be shure to download that first.

Remember folks all links can (and will) be taken down upon request so please grab this as soon as you can and if you can please do yourself the personal favour of buying this amazing book form somewhere like or even ebay, as the only reason I'm even considering sullying such a masterwork is because of its rareity.
CDisplay Comic Reader
Elseworlds - Superman--Red Son.cbr


DoveAlexa said...

Thank you for posting Red Son Aries. I love you ^^ I've been wanting to read this for years now!

//gives you a big hug and some gingerbread cookies.

It's unfortunate that my friends spoiled the ending for me. I will love this all the same.

Aries said...

happy to help, its a bitch to find normaly so when i finaly got it in CDP format i just had to let my loyal readers in on the fun and games.

BTW this is the WHOLE red son run all 5 books in one file so keep on tracking down after you reach the end of book one for the others.

DoveAlexa said...

Yay, Thank you again. I read the first one yesterday and am reading the next one today sometime. 1 a day till Christmas.

Lex Luthor is a bastard btw, leaves his wife cause he got beat at chess. Pussy. I'd love to give him a toaster next time he showers. :P

Aries said...

one a day was the idea (glad somebody noticed) and yes i agree totaly Luthor is a whiny little asshat who supes should have vaporised a LONG time ago.

If you get a chance (or if i can finaly get it uploaded) read Elseworlds: Age of wonder, where a industrial age JLA finlay kick Luthor into touch and he gets whats comming to him at the hands of....

...yea im a tease so im not telling. maby i'll make this book my new years present.

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