Friday, July 16, 2010

Daily Blogg: New Blizz MMO project info

Ok here we go, this is a rumour mill spot but after months of research I am willing to spew into your little laps.

Here's what we got so far:

* It IS an new MMORPG.

* It appears at this time to be a singular world map currently approximated at 20 times the current size of Azeroth.

* It will use a more "realistic looking" gaming engine.

* The Blizzard "Hydra" team (formally the Diablo 3 team) are now almost universally working on this new project.

* This is NOT a world of warcraft project

ok so thats the facts as we know it so far, lets hit the rumours:

* The game will take place in a photo-realistic world and have only a single inclusive world rather than dedicated world and instance servers.

* It appears to have an "industrial age" style feeling leading up to some quite interesting tech and transport ideas eg: airships, auto-gyros, hot air balloons etc.

* Blizz are attempting to make sure at all WoW players and there current systems will be able to play the new game on minimum settings.

....and thats it.... seriously, Blizz have been so tight lipped on this that almost no info has got out.

...ok fine there is one more piece of scuttlebutt but somehow i doubt its authenticity because of the sheer technical enormity that would be required. There was a rumour regarding the new MMO being a fully phased world from the moment you log in.
So how this is rumoured to work is as follows: As you log in you join a phased timeline of your very own as you pass specific key points in the game meaning you will only be interacting with those in game that are at a similar level range to yourself. What this means is that ganking from high levels may well be a thing of the past as well as level 1 gold spam from trial accounts once you phase out of the starting zone.

ok now im really done, thats it, more info as i get it.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Daily Blogg: So i know these guys...

...yea anyway I know these two guys who we shall simply call Anon 1 and Anon 2...

So these two guys Marcus and Steve....i mean Anon's 1&2 *cough* are friends and guild mates of mine on the oh so very addictive MMORPG known as world of warcraft who have taken it upon themselves to take a nice long look into my little blog and its archives.

Now Marcus ...i mean Anon 1... has taken it upon himself to quit WoW until the end of August due to some personal stuff. Fair enough I say but you must take note that this wonderfully funny chap also happens to be the owner of our teamspeak server and much more importantly our raid leader!
So to him i wish you all the very very best and may chickens poop in your cornflakes...

...gonna miss gaming with you bud, ICC wont ever be the same.

Now on to Steve ...(crap)....i mean Anon 2
Mate you are possible the silliest and most resolutely inane person it has ever been my pleasure to meet, keep it up sir, keep it up.

so why the random post?

why the hell not!

....wonder what they will say on Teamspeak when they read this?


Daily Blogg: And on the 14 day

Finally my internet is back and fairly stable at a (still somewhat sluggish) 4.7MBps

Ok i had my totally justified and not at all bitter rant at BT a little over a week ago and because of there shenanigans i have missed out on a ridiculous amount of work and at least 12 shots at the Lich king on WoW with my 10 man group (that i fear may no longer require my services...) as well as movies, music and other streamed media that i have become depressing used to...

...i mean i found myself watching TV for gods sake!!!...

...i haven't watched TV in over two years!
Regardless it seems that BT are giving me my minimum service contract as of 02.00am last night and im willing to take it despite the fact that i pay for 12MBps broadband i will accept 1/3 of my service just to get the hell back online.

However this has slanted me somewhat and i will be looking for a new service provider as soon as possible.