Saturday, October 6, 2007

Frankly awsome Machima: So Sick

I couldn't pass this by as frankly its one of the best Machima music videos it has ever been my joy to have behold. Please sit back relax and enjoy BaronSoondons machima version of the Resident Evil soundtrack "So Sick" and revel at its awesomeness.

I know theres been a hell of a lot of videos this weekend and frankly i have no intention of changing this as its a bit of a change to listing to me muttering on and on over and over again about frankly useless gubbins when you could be enjoying some stonking machima. BTW Xbox and PC gamers may notice some less than subtle but still amazing refrences to Bioshock in the video...and for that alone this should win some sort of prize.

(oh i had to cut down the video size to fit on the blog if you want to see it in glorious widscreen ether click on the "expand" button or go to'm-So-Sick
and enjoy the video as it was intended to be viewed)

Wow that some tasty free RAM!

Now as many of you know I'm something of a gamer...

...and as many more of you know I'm cheap...very cheap....I LOATH upgrading my computer its expensive and frustrating at the best of times and tends to lead to unfortunate cases of broken components, but even worse you sometimes have to compromise about space. Fortunately this funky little programme allows you to clean and optimise your RAM in a simple one click system.

To be honest i just finished re-uploading this for a guy i met earlier today in my home town and while I was on PSPCrazy adding this new link i though why not give access to all you lot too.

so be like me be cheap and free and download this little toy today before the Powers that be decide to kill it again.

Download at MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service

Name: hauer
Key : 9034728194368

Now a little word of warning certain firewalls *cough* Mcafee *cough* will see this as a PUG (potentially unwanted programme) basically ignore it, Macafee hates everybody.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Movie/Toon night: Aries meda group presentation!?!

OMG!....the who in the what now?....aries media group?.....(

....and its actualy good?....sorry guys i know i've already done this weeks movie but DAMN!!! off to find out who these guys are...

with that in mind.....i now want a pair of those pimped our sneeks more than life itself....

PH33R MI P1NK PUMP'5 Of D3A7H!!!

Movie/Toon night: The Legend of Zelda

Ah the legend of Zelda, a gaming classic in every sense of the world and back in the day when everything Nintendo touched turned into gold TV producers around the world jumped on the ninty bandwagon and produced this funky little toon. Now don't get me wrong 99.9% of the time when i watch this series i want to slap Link (or the guy who voices him) so hard his momma feels it but even with that in mind this turned out to be pretty fun to watch.

So settle down relax and try to hold your temper at the voice acting and enjoy this classic cartoon that in the days before anime was popular where Nintendo attempted to give us something with a little class and a little action all wrapped up especially for gamers like you and me.

and PLEASE forgive the quality but this was the 1980's....*sigh* god damn i feel old.... but dig those funky ass 80's in game sound effects....for that alone this is a classic.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Rumour Mill: ...yet another Patch!

This week has been a truly "fun" time for all us World of warcraft players, as for why well this week Blizz decided to unleash not one but two patches for us to download.

The first patch (2.2.0) was implemented in order for Blizz to introduce there "voice communication" interface so that squeekers and frat boys around the world can once again destroy our eardrums and assault the English language on a global scale without the constant monitoring of inter guild ventrillo/teamspeak moderators. So what does this mean for us the common gamer? Well imagine if you will a random Pick up group (PUG) with the equivalent of its own Ventrillo/Teamspeak server but without a guild master monitoring the language and moderating the out of game/character chat!....

....yes i know....believe me i know.....and it scares the hell out of me too....
I have to wish Blizz the very very best of luck with this...there gonna need it.

Now onto the second patch (2.2.2) which appears to be nothing other than a content patch so they can introduce a new in game holiday (BeerFest) and a few new toys specifically designed for the holiday including the much hyped "Racing Ram" a new 150% speed epic mount for those taking part in the various activities and races. I'll be honest the idea that Blizz are encouraging drunken binges and high speed racing as a public event realy doesn't appeal but i gotta give props to Blizz for having the balls to re-invent "Drunken mount Racing" as an in game event but i have to wonder exactly where there moral and social compass is pointing!

Now onto this weeks rumour, basically with all this new voice chat Blizz will be introducing new voice filters for there in game system (in yet another new patch) in order to "stop younger gamers from being removed from groups based on there age" and "to stop female gamers form being directly verbally abused due to there gender" oh great its going to be XBOX live all over again...*sigh* domo aragato Mr Roboto...

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

God of the Interweb Focus:

As some of you may have noticed this blog has a little section for links i call "Gods of the interweb" where i link you lot to some of my own personal favourite websites.

With that in mind i will on occasion add a new link to this oh so elitist little link space on my page, when this happens i will be doing a post like this so you can see what is new and why i have added it.

Before i start this post properly i will point out that i am probably going to be a tad biased toward AnimeCrazy the latest project from the guys and girls responsible for & Now for those of you wondering why this is such a huge deal all i have to say is GO VISIT THE DAMN SITE! as for why well thats easy offers up a frankly HUGE library of anime in a ready to use format utilizing a number of different video systems such as Viho and Googlevideo to distribute only the best quality Anime for free in a ready to use catalogued and accessible system that to date i have never seen matched in such a professional format. Add to this a well established and friendly forum where you can discuss the latest plot twists and awesome fight scenes with like minded and friendly people and you have one hell of a website. Oh and before i get a lot of "isn't that illegal" comments i would like to point out that there are no restrictions on distributing Anime and animated products form Asia anywhere in the west, so just chill sit back and revel in the Japanese tastyness....mmm anime...tastes like yummyness.

(yes its a shamless plug for a friend but everything i said stands)

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

How to: Super fast surfing

Fast Internet Speed Without Any Software - Funny blooper videos are here

This week I have spent a lot of time running multiple online apps and surfing all while playing MMORPG's. This is all well and good if you have a top of the line pimped out Desktop with all the trimmings and bandwidth to spare but for us mere mortals Bandwidth or to be more precise the distinct LACK of bandwidth can be a real problem.

There realy is nothing worse that attempting to download a torrent while playing online and attempt to do practically anything else on a "normal" spec system and the problem may be not so much with your computer or even your connection but with a few of your computers factory pre set limitations.

Follow the guide on this very simple "HOW TO" video and up your surfing speed pronto!
now you have no excuse for lagging on that important Raid while downloading "Swedish stripper slaves" form the pirate bay any more.

but you may need to learn to play with one handed if you want to enjoy both at the same time...

but beware of "sticky" situations

Monday, October 1, 2007

Happy Birthday to me

No blog today (I'll do something properly tomorrow) because today i will be drinking like a fish.

Those of you expecting an Irishman to be coherent on his birthday apparently do not understand the very concept of my people and our somewhat frivolous fraternisation with lady liquor, none the less its booze time.

Normal service will resume sans alcohol sometime tomorrow after midday, or at least that's the plan....*cough*

Sunday, September 30, 2007

One step closer to the edge...

Oh bloody hell! tomorrow is my birthday, and i gotta say being one step closer to 30 scares the hell outa me...

I dunno maby im just expecting too much from myself, but my ten year plan isnt exactly comming to fruition. None the less im depressingly happy with how my life is going.

Now i may not have achieved writing fame nor have I managed to find a publisher confidant enough to publish my collected poetic works but none the less I'm supringly happy with my existence at this time.

I mean I'm happy writing for the pure enjoyment of writing, and i have always considered my writing for PSPCrazy & GameingCrazy a huge part of that and having a fairly popular blog also helps add to my various insanities and confidence while offering something to my readers something that i personally believe is missing in most modern magazines and websites and that's simply put is contrast and perspective.

So this is to you my dear dedicated readers i hearby promise to continue to bring you my own personal brand of bullsh*t and insanity form the wonderful land of the interwebs and try to always be here as long as you all continue to read!

oh and guys dont forget that next week my latest new features will continue, and to all my warcrack buddys you may want to tune in on Tuesday for this weeks How too, i think you may find it interesting...
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