Friday, January 16, 2009

Daily Blogg: WotLK pauper epics trade in

Well as you all know i recently started playing warcrack again, and having finally reached Northrend and started looting the local mobs for "phat lewt" as usual this means giving up my shiny matching Tier epics and Burning crusade Raid weapons and healing gear and replacing them with frankly ridiculous looking tat honed from trash mobs that make my former epic gear look weak and pathetic in comparison despite looking like it was made by a half blind one armed troll with ADHD and a fetish for scrap metal and gaudy colours.

So its bye bye to my Pally Power Ranger and hello junk man V3.0.
As i look like i fell out of the scrapyard images of my current look are very few and far between but as soon as i mine the materials i need i will be making some new armor that hopefull wont make me appear as though i farmed my gear while i was AFK.

So long matching gear, you will be missed, maby i'll look this cool again in 10 levels...

Thursday, January 15, 2009

How Too: USB iPod charger

There is nothing worse than your ipod running out of charge when your away from home or when you loose your charger so in the spirit of peace and music for all i give to you the HouseHold Hacker guide to a portable battery powered USB charger.

You will need:
1 5.1v zener diode
1 330-ohm resistor
1 9v battery connector
1 9v battery
solder and soldering iron
(you can get all of this at radio shack for about $5.00 US)

1. Solder the Zener diode to the left and right USB connector prongs.
2. Solder the black wire of the 9v connector to the left prong and the right wire to the resistor.
3. solder the other end of the resistor to the right prong.
4. Hook up battery and go to town.

as always special thanks gos to the Household Hacker team over at who come up with this amazingly useful make.

dont forget to subscribe to there latest insane creations and please be careful as failure to follow this simple circuit diagram will not only potentially damage your ipod but make you look like a ham fisted moron,

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Daily Blogg: Held captive by my own tallent

Genius such as mine needs to be shared...

...*cough* ok stop giggling at the back you lot I'm being serious here. I have been tasked with editing a compiled series of poetry and short storeys from "new and innovative" young poets and writers. As a member of the editorial staff i have the privilege of adding some of my own works to this book to stand alongside the winners of such awards as young poet of the year and the Rising star award for publishing.

This has left me somewhat busy and almost frantic with worry over my own somewhat lacking ability to wrestle with my mother tongue in a poetic fashion to the same effect as my depressingly talented and esteemed peers frankly awe inspiring and often melancholy musings so i have been polishing my own limited talent with blood sweat and tears in the wavering hope that my own works wont become a blot on the landscape of this marvellous publication.

Now whatever i submit will inevitably have to be scrutinized by my fellow members of the editorial staff prior to first print but i have had it noted that some of my vocabularian insanity's have peaked the interest of a relatively unknown publishing house known as "Awkward Duck publications" (well i never herd of them before now so i presume there new) who would be willing to do me a very short run on paperback of my collected shorts and poems for advertising purposes so im in a somewhat dazed state of mind at the moment and am working like a slave to get things toghther while doing my usual freelancing and this part time editing work for my current employer.

Stay tuned for a How too tomorrow when i get a chance to get home on my own computer (where im not blocked from youtube by the stupid staff router) and i can get out of this stupid monkey suit and tie.

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