Saturday, September 19, 2009

Daily Blogg: It be that time of tha yarrrr!

Narr ye t'aint be reading this here Blogg wrong me hearties it be the day where all Ninja best be running away and hiding, tis the world one and only annual "talk like a pirate day"

Why be this here day relevant to this here sea dog? Because it seems that the motley crew of Cap'in DeMeza have made there way to the land of Azeroth in order to plunder Booty Bay and as always where DeMeza go's Ol'ChumBucket 'n' Cap'n Slappy t'aint far behind.

Ol' Chumbucket and Cap'n Slappy

So get yer parrot and swash yer buckle and make yer way to Booty Bay fer some Rum and Jolly Rodgering


Daily Blogg: ...and thats why

Well Blizz you done it, you made me so sick of being squishy that im going back to my trusty Human Paladin, finishing leveling to 80....and Faction transferring to the Horde.

Oh wait did i tell you that i finally managed to get 7mbps out of BT?


Well i did, for all of 11mins on Wednesday at 01.30am i was so shocked i actuality giggled... I'm a man looking down the barrel of my 30th birthday and i caught myself giggling and clapping like an idiot and STILL not getting my full service yet so damn happy that i have proof of my line capacity that im acting like its Christmas at one in the bloody morning.

oh well, i can now at least demand an off peak service comparable to this (around 6.5-7.0 Mbps) and feel like im not being an unreasonable jerk. Well thats my reasoning anyway despite knowing that im never gonna get it.