Wednesday, November 14, 2007

How To: Scan your LAN

How To Detect Wardrivers Windows Xp - Funny home videos are a click away

Ah the joy of Wi-Fi, there realy is nothing quite like sitting your ass down on a comfy chair or in your bed/garden/toilet with a laptop and know that you can browse the wonderful world of the interweb and its various insanities without having to drag a wire around after you. But sadly this freedom comes at a surprising bandwidth cost even on what we believe is the most secure connection.

Wi-Fi sniffers and code breakers are becoming more and more popular among the "cheaper" asshats in the general population and those few idiots that believe that because they CAN do something then they MUST do it. This little programme is pretty much a must have if you have a Wi-Fi network and can help you keep ahead of the game by keeping a very close eye on exactly who's on your network.

so head to: and hit the download section ASAP

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