Saturday, December 1, 2007

Music for all: Tay Zonday - cherry chocolate rain

Em yes...slow weekend for me so for you lucky lot you get a double update!

Tonight's offering is Tay Zondays: Cherry chocolate Rain Featuring the frankly funklicious Mista Johnson. Now for those of you who are new to this Internet thing or have simply never bothered with YouTube and its many "characters" you may not have heard of Tay before and if that is the case stop reading this and listen to the damn video...

...ok your back then excellent...

I have to admit that although this is Viral marketing for Dr Pepper at a whole new level i have to say i LOVE the song, shure its an extended advertisement at the expense of YouTube but damn you have gotta give the guy credit, shure the lyrics suck like a hooker with a work ethic but the combination of a catchy tune and and unusual vocal talent hes definitely on to a winner with this.

If like me you enjoyed this little trip into insanity download it here:

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