Saturday, December 11, 2010

Daily Blogg: oh anon u so krazy

Rule #1. Don't talk about 4chan

Yea.....not gonna be doing that because "somebody" apparently a member of the group Anonymous calling himself 'Coldblood', tells Jane Wakefield why he views its attacks on Visa and Mastercard as defence of Wikileaks.

Now i dont know who this guy is as i haven't trolled /b/ for a very long time but the various '_chans' are generally very quick to LOL while they troll and thus far this namefag has yet to turn up on any of the bigger boards as they tend to destroy 'Attentionfagging' at source with a speed and efficiency that borders on the psychotically obsessed. The simple act of taking on a name ANY name defeats the point of anonymous as a whole.

Heres the video link (not gonna sully the blog with it any more than this)


Now i for one call bulls*it on this as an attention seeing fame hungry faker.
i may be wrong but this does not look sanctioned by /b/ to me.

Anonymous does not forgive, Anonymous does not forget, Anonymous is not gonna like this...

...because Anonymous is Anonymous for a reason.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Daily Blogg: It's Cataday!

At midnight tonight the World of Warcraft finishes its startling alteration to the new "old world" at the hands of Deathwing.

At 12.01am the servers go live and then everything go's to hell and we can start flying round the old world or start rolling furries and snot mean Worgen and Goblins and the world firster's and there teams of boosters can start grinding the hell out of the new content to the new shiny level cap of 85.

Now as for me i'll be starting a new shiny wolf man on my Alliance side server (Alonsus) and a new Goblin on my Horde side server (Saurfang) so i can play through the starting quests in the new noob areas and perhaps get into a new toon...

...perhaps a warrior or shaman...

...perhaps both.

oh well ill see you all in there, FOR THE HORDE!!
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