Saturday, November 24, 2007

Movie Night: Bruce Almighty

Part 1

Part 2

Ah isn't life fun, i mean every week i throw another movie at you and every week no body bothers to leave a comment, for most people this would put them off but not me....much....

So here we are again with a Late movie night because last night i felt like a wanted a rant but since nobodies gonna read this and about 30% of my reader base only comes here for the movies i post i suppose i should STFU and just get on with it...yes i am feeling emo...bite my crank...

Sorry but i guess I'm feeling a little under appreciated.. i mean only 170 hits this week...I'm actually disappointed! so i though i should pull a Jim Carrey movie out in the lame and simple hopes that it inspires a little giggle and maby a comment or three....

i know normally i do plot and other stuff down here but TBH if you haven't seen this film (or at least herd of it) you must have been living under a rock but if you have i suppose i should do something...Jim Carrry pisses of god and god decides in his infinite glory to give this gormless moron enough rope to hang himself by handing over his infinite power and taking a holiday...

...probably best of all though is the fact that god is black...yep the bible belt screamed at that too...personally i pissed myself at there discomfort and hope that you too feel the need to do something similar...oh well enjoy the film!

Friday, November 23, 2007

Daily Blogg: Blizzard Bitchslap 2.3

Well congratufuckinglations Blizzard, you finally done it, you created a patch so damn buggy and full of glitches & core errors that many long term members of the the Accent Warcraft emulation community are almost ready to call it quits...

With the latest patch designed to bring us a whole new expanded instance and a whole host of new features (in an AQ style mega patch) offering a super seeded up option for leveling from 1-60 solo and new quest packs and toys to play with...
...sadly this means the Accent team have a whole new level of problems with which to contend.
As i am no longer a GM and have nothing but the best interests of my fellow gamers at heart i have got to say OMGWTF Accent get a f**king grip on your code! i know that a patch like this is a bitch slap and that in the states its thanks giving but FFS guys get on the damn ball! Im not asking for a miracle here but come on! skills that at least pretend to work would be nice.

ok enough realise that the very fact that the accent emulator works is nothing short of amazing but don't you think that maby telling us to feel free to update to the new patch with promises that"all features will function with 99% compatibility and functionality" is a tad misleading?

Those of us that "prefer" to play on emulation servers for various reasons, and those brave few who happen to Host and run Accent servers for our little community who have "continued to remain within the constraints of Accents teams coding" expected that by doing so that we would have "more reliable gaming" as a result, apparently however we have once again given up a comparatively reliable system for a glitched and in some cases nonfunctional update in the hope that given enough time Accent will fix the buggs and let us play the damn game. least until the next patch... *sigh*

oh well you get what you pay for i suppose....but it dosent mean we have to like it

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

How To: Unlock a Password locked PC

Unlock Just About Any Windows Computer - Funny home videos are a click away

ok this is a stupidly short vid for those of you that like me have a memory that makes a goldfish look retentive and forget passwords at the drop of a hat...any hat...especially cowboy hats because there just awesome... back to the subject, As i may or may not have stated before im frugal* and love a good bargain so when the opportunity come up to buy a password locked laptop from Ebay for the stupidly low cost for $10 + P&P ($50) i jumped up and down in joy because i knew how to do exactly what this video shows and the "nice person" selling it didn't, i have now sold said lappy for $450 (after copying all the music, interesting programmes and porn i could find) and am feeling a bit chuffed with myself and now am considerably better off coming into Christmas.

But as i said this is primarily for personal use and should never be used to access some poor buggers computer without there don't do it or karma will bite you in the ass...then the police will beat you with there sticks of people hurting and wrath, you have been warned.

OK folks see ya later I'm gonna look through that DVD i ripped and enjoy some of the more interesting jpg's...

*by frugal i mean I'm cheap as hell and am proud that i wont even spend a penny if i don't get a receipt

Monday, November 19, 2007

Daily Blogg: Whats in a Name?

MMORPG's offer such a diversity of choice and flexibility on almost every level that at times it can be a little overwhelming and despite the fact that in game you can change almost every aspect of your attire and equipment to personalise your toon the skin and hair and unfortunately the name you choose in a moment of creative madness will hang over your possibly otherwise perfect toon's shiny little head forevermore...

...the amount of times i have spyed in the distance a flawlessly decked out and epic equipped warrior in the distance while looking for a tank for a quick PUG just to catch a glimpse of there name and insanity change my mind, i mean how the hell can you expect Mr "Pinkflufybun" the warrior to take the game as seriously as you?

I understand that 80% of people have no intention of long term play with a toon when they create it and in many cases the name they choose is made through lack of choice because somebody else has beat you to your wanted mocker or simply because you fancied a giggle and thought that "Smexorsize" relay was the name that defined your Night Elf Priestess as a whole.

Now on a normal server or even a PVP server this (despite the giggling) can be put to one side and somewhat ignored but damn guys when your on a role playing server can you please think about what your naming your toon in advance!

Thank god then that Blizzard have finally taken this into account and are now offering a new service for a one off payment to change your toons name in game and thanks to the new "barber shop" feature being developed for WotLK you will finally be able to get rid of that godawful haircut you randomly slapped on to be "different" when you created your avatar.

Now can we please say goodbye to Mr "xXMasivcokXx" and Mr "Butsmeckz" and get some sanity back into grouping & RP?... after all we know your proud but perhaps if you want to be taken seriously over the new voice system a change may be a good idea, don't you think?

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Daily Blogg: Blizzard Paranoia!

Im not normally one to indulge in paranoia but it seems our friends at Blizzard have a distinct preoccupation with this state of mind and with the latest security measures inflicted on us in there latest patch (2.3) it seems that they wont be happy unless they know every damn thing about us!

The Warden's function as an anti-hacking sentry was already cause for concern for some privacy advocates. From the moment players log into the game, The Warden checks open window names, process names, memory modifications, DDL names and other pieces of data in the background. The goal is to determine if the user has a specific hack or program loaded and sends back a "yes" or "no" answer to Blizzard.

At any given time, there is one version of The Warden active in a set of WoW servers. But Blizzard fights would-be countermeasures against The Warden by switching between hundreds of different copies of The Warden with the same functionality, but containing slight modifications in the code.

This technique of polymorphic code is more commonly applied in computer viruses and worms as a way to avoid detection from anti-virus and intrusion detection software. According to The WardenNet, a website dedicated to tracking the iterations of the application, there are about 320 copies of The Warden in circulation.

There are some legitimate arguments for the intrusion of privacy. Massive Multiplayer economies such as WoW can be ravaged by gold-farming bots or hacks. It's Blizzard's responsibility to not only protect the game experience, but their intellectual property

and marketability of the game. And nothing, after all, is forcing anyone to play if they disagree with the policy.

Blizzard maintains that The Warden does not gather any personally identifiable information about the player. They claim only information about the account is sent back. Third-party applications such as The Governor and ISXWarden could previously monitor The Warden and curtail activities the authors deem invasive.

In my humble opinion Blizzard are taking the piss, there essentially installing spyware on our system with the standing motivation that "if your not guilty of anything you have nothing to worry about", frankly the very idea of this scares the hell out of me, i mean we already have Microsoft two thirds the way up our collective asshole picking through our trash and now it seems that Blizz have decided to follow the good Mr Gates lead and start spying on there users too...

...i mean the armoury was one thing, this is quite another...

World of <span class= break out the tinfoil hats and batten down the firewalls, BLIZZ ARE STEALING OUR THOUGHTS!!!!