Monday, November 19, 2007

Daily Blogg: Whats in a Name?

MMORPG's offer such a diversity of choice and flexibility on almost every level that at times it can be a little overwhelming and despite the fact that in game you can change almost every aspect of your attire and equipment to personalise your toon the skin and hair and unfortunately the name you choose in a moment of creative madness will hang over your possibly otherwise perfect toon's shiny little head forevermore...

...the amount of times i have spyed in the distance a flawlessly decked out and epic equipped warrior in the distance while looking for a tank for a quick PUG just to catch a glimpse of there name and insanity change my mind, i mean how the hell can you expect Mr "Pinkflufybun" the warrior to take the game as seriously as you?

I understand that 80% of people have no intention of long term play with a toon when they create it and in many cases the name they choose is made through lack of choice because somebody else has beat you to your wanted mocker or simply because you fancied a giggle and thought that "Smexorsize" relay was the name that defined your Night Elf Priestess as a whole.

Now on a normal server or even a PVP server this (despite the giggling) can be put to one side and somewhat ignored but damn guys when your on a role playing server can you please think about what your naming your toon in advance!

Thank god then that Blizzard have finally taken this into account and are now offering a new service for a one off payment to change your toons name in game and thanks to the new "barber shop" feature being developed for WotLK you will finally be able to get rid of that godawful haircut you randomly slapped on to be "different" when you created your avatar.

Now can we please say goodbye to Mr "xXMasivcokXx" and Mr "Butsmeckz" and get some sanity back into grouping & RP?... after all we know your proud but perhaps if you want to be taken seriously over the new voice system a change may be a good idea, don't you think?

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