Thursday, October 22, 2009

How Too: Halloween decorations

its that time of year and its time to get spooktactular!
Nothing says haunted house like spider webs so its time to cover every available surface

Part 1

Part 2

Ok so the videos suck but you get the idea right?

You wil need:

*strand cotton wool
*sticky tape
*black card
*scissors (to cut the card into spider shapes)

and there you go, use your brain here and you can do some amazing things.

Daily Blogg: Reality bites

So ive been a tad busy, you know business card level busy chasing up work in the run up to Christmas. With this in mind and one of my regular (and more vocal members ;p) im making a promise.

As of this day come hell or high water I shall post at least once a week and it shall be something useful/funny/silly or in some way relevant.

Now on with the Blogg!